Spreading the land of the free

Published 8:34 pm Saturday, March 31, 2012

Across the globe, consensus is that the U.S. of A. is unrivaled when it comes to spreading freedom, and Chocowinity resident Brenda Rogers is definitely doing her part.

The coordinator of computer-support services at Beaufort County Community College donates her free time working to free Beaufort County dogs from life at the end of a tether.

“Chained dogs are not happy dogs,” Rogers told the WDN in January. “They want to be in the house with their people. But for whatever reason, some people can’t have that — I understand that. But this way, (the dog) will have a place to run around and where their guardians can play with them.”

Rogers is the driving force behind Freedom for Friends, a nonprofit organization with the goal of eliminating dog tethering while also reducing the number of stray puppies in Beaufort County.

With donated money and materials, Rogers and the Freedom for Friends volunteers are building enclosed pens for confined animals. In order to qualify for the free pens, dogs are required to have a full medical check-up, current vaccinations and be spayed or neutered, which Freedom for Friends also provides.

“Beaufort County doesn’t need any more puppies,” Rogers said.

What it does need are more people like Rogers. She deserves your support to help bring freedom and quality of life to deserving pets in Beaufort County.

For more information, visit the Freedom for Friends Facebook page or email freedomforfriends@yahoo.com.