Take a shot for BCDC

Published 7:10 pm Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The task is formidable: “empower citizens with developmental challenges through service alternatives which promote self advocacy, self reliance, self direction, self sufficiency and self actualization.”

That is the mission statement for the Beaufort County Developmental Center in Washington. Started in 1974 by a group of concerned parents looking to expand opportunities for their developmentally disabled children, BCDC has grown into Beaufort County’s largest private nonprofit organization. BCDC has developed a broad range of services to meet the educational, residential and vocational needs of people with disabilities.

Once again, BCDC needs help to meet its goal.

The seventh-annual HOOPS Basketball Shoot-Out starts at 10 a.m. Saturday at Fitness Unlimited at 622 W. 15th St. For a $10 registration fee per person, contestants will compete against the clock to see who can sink the most baskets at the indoor basketball court. The top shooters in the first round advance to the second round. The top two finishers in the second round advance to a championship round with a six-month membership to Fitness Unlimited on the line. Additional prizes will be awarded.

“The proceeds are used for things not paid for by other funding sources,” Pamela Daw, BCDC’s coordinator of marketing and development, told the Washington Daily News. “They are used to help our consumers do fun, interesting things that they want to do. Maybe go to a movie or do volunteer work or join in events and activities at the senior center.”

“Years ago, when I served on the board, I really got involved in what they do,” said Fitness Unlimited owner and former BCDC board member Austin Thomas. “They really help a special population. We wanted to find a way to raise additional funds. The first year we had 11 players and last year we had more than 30 so it has really grown.”

The HOOP Shoot-Out is a winning combination for all. Why not give it your best shot and help BCDC help others?