Did you see that?

Published 9:26 pm Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On the waterfront, in downtown Washington, did you see that? Did you see the many people streaming through Saturday Market, sipping primo coffee? Did you see Rachel K’s baked goods sell out long before market’s end?

Did you happen to catch all the nice-looking boats at the Marine Market? Or how about the cypress Adirondack-style furniture that was selling before the market officially opened?

Did you see the children go at the old piano, armed with paint and brushes? Or the streams of guys and gals in prom gear, posing for pictures on the promenade?

Did you watch the crowds — the crowds of people browsing the goods of many vendors, and those sitting on blankets on the lawn at Festival Park, listening to the bands playing BoCO Music Festival?

Did you see the young woman hula-hooping with rings of fire?

She was really hard to miss.

In an abrupt departure from the fine spring weather we’ve had of late, Saturday was chilly. It was overcast. It was a good day to stay home, yet the crowds still showed up.

Much time and effort and volunteering went into creating the event that drew the crowds out regardless of weather. Bravo to the Washington Harbor District Alliance, the Beaufort County Arts Council and the Beaufort County Traditional Music Association for taking a day to make the most of the Washington waterfront, a place for the entire community to gather on common ground.