SOUND OFF: 5/3/12

Published 7:37 pm Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

Why aren’t we putting more businesses and stores in Washington? We have to go to Greenville and spend our money down there, not to mention the gas we waste. Why can’t we give the revenue to Washington? Somebody better smarten up.

I am tired of Walter Williams’ class warfare. The reason 47 percent of Americans pay no federal taxes is because they have no money. Yet, they do pay taxes — sales taxes. The top 10 percent of Americans have the majority of the wealth in this country. Mr. Williams feels they should pay less and the poor should pay more or do without. I believe we are a better country than this.

Get rid of Walter Williams’ column. I’m tired of his rhetoric — the rich should be given more tax breaks and 47 percent of Americans should pay more, especially the poor, and get less for it.

What is this with the reruns in Dear Abby? I enjoy Dear Abby, but I like new material. This is at least the third repeat. Please, give us new problems to solve.

I agree with the caller who said we need more department stores in this town. We do not need an array of new apartments out there, you know, whether for the low-income, medium-income or the high-income. We need restaurants. We need shopping. We need any stores that will bring income into this community and not places for people to have to go all the way to Greenville to eat or to shop. Please listen to the people of this county. You’re losing people, and you can’t figure out why.

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