SOUND OFF: 5/8/12

Published 9:36 pm Monday, May 7, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I can’t believe that’s the only coverage you had for Relay for Life — Thursday’s paper, a picture on the front page. I mean, really? There are a lot cancer survivors and people living with cancer in Beaufort County. This is an important event. The newspaper should do a little more coverage.

I hope with the new president, that she can bring change to the Beaufort County Community College industrial technology department. It needs a major facelift. There’s a major miscommunication with the students. As a welding student myself, they claim it takes two years to complete a welding degree. This is going on three and a half years for a student who goes all the time. Major changes need to be made or students will leave due to lack of support from the administrators and the advisers of BCCC.

I’m calling to find out why the Spring Road entrance to the Susie Gray McConnell Sports Complex is always closed. There is a gate there and a paved driveway, and the gate is never open. What is the purpose of the driveway if it is to always remain closed?

If the information presented in Mr. Smith’s May 4 letter to the editor is factual, perhaps the Beaufort County commissioners and the Washington City Council are guilty of gross mismanagement and negligence in the use of taxpayers’ money for economic development in Beaufort County. Is this something the SBI should be investigating or, at the very least, the Washington Daily News so we can make an informed decision come election time?

About the Sound Off regarding what should be on the front page: I like the story about animal shelter and Linda Roberts. The person who doesn’t like to have anything but sports on the front page I urge to volunteer for one day at the animal shelter to see the good that volunteers such as Linda Roberts do in helping the community.

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