TCCS play offers rollicking good time

Published 7:58 pm Thursday, May 10, 2012

The players (from left) Austin Van Staalduinen, Wesley Butcher, Brent Hubers, Andrew Van Staalduinen, Griffin Jackson, Melinda Boyd, Kyle Hendrix, Chase Furlough, Pearl VanderAa, Kendra Van Staalduinen, Chandler Furlough and Sydney Hubers rehearse for this weekend’s presentation of “The Princess and the Pee.” (Submitted Photo)

Terra Ceia Christian School’s upcoming dessert theater promises to be a rollicking good time for those who attend.

The school’s drama team presents “The Princess and the Pee” at 7 p.m. today and Saturday in the school’s gym, located at 4428 Christian School Road in Pantego. Tickets are $5 per person.

This “silly spin on a classic fairy tale” matches a very spoiled princess who has three suitors, a bevy of royal servants and a spunky indentured servant who make the antics fly.

The tale begins with the princess (Sydney Hubers) being wholly pampered by her royal servants: Gleaming Locks, Sweet & Clean, Radiant Visage, Satiny Skin, Flowing Tresses, Eyes That Sparkle, Hourglass Figure and Beauty Rest, played by Kyle Hendrix, Pearl VanderAa, Austin Van Staalduinen, Brent Hubers, Griffin Jackson, Kendra Van Staalduinen, Chase Furlough and Melinda Boyd, respectively.

“Servant upon servant upon servant … devoted to making the princess look fabulous any moment of the day.”

Yet, because she is so pampered, the princess still wets her bed.

Enter Yolanda Yumbuss, played by Chandler Furlough, who quickly becomes the princess’ new Royal Beauty Servant and brings with her “the class, the sass and the heart to speak truth” to the powerful royal family.

“The princess has servants making all her small decisions, and her dad, the king, making all her big decisions, like choosing a husband. Yolanda is making the princess stand on her own two feet,” said director Lynne Furlough.

Yolanda is also the daughter of Yvonne (Kendra Van Staalduinen), one of three “formerly famous” Jumping Lumbusses who have been banned from the castle ever since the princess stubbed her toe jumping rope. Yolanda’s secret mission is to restore her family (her mother and aunts Yvette and Yasmine, played by Pearl VanderAa and Chase Furlough) to their rightful glory as world-famous jump-ropers.

Woven into the tale are Crushing Boar, Chachachacha Snake and Bad Babalulu, creatures from the deep, dark enchanted forest, played by Clint Sickert, Chase Furlough, Austin Van Staalduinen and Sydney Hubers.

Of course, if there is a beautiful princess there usually are handsome princes vying for her hand. Prince Hamcelot, played by Austin Van Staalduinen; Prince Leaf, played by Jesse Hubers; and Prince Marcus, played by Wesley Butcher, add another layer of fun as they woo the lovely princess.

Kevin Beasley plays Harold, the town crier and tale narrator, and Austin Rogers is the lawnmower guy. Andrew Van Staalduinen plays the king, and Melinda Boyd plays the queen. Townspeople, a royal guard and seamstresses are played by cast members.

A well-designed set and colorful costuming add their own liveliness to the play. Stephanie and Mark Hendrix prepared the music. Stephanie Hendrix is co-director as well.

Dessert and beverages will be served at intermission.