SOUND OFF: 5/15/12

Published 8:33 pm Monday, May 14, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

Ever since Beverly Perdue has been in office, rural Carolina has see nothing but chaos, confusion and trouble, and now she she’s wanting to increase a billion dollars worth of … you know what. To me, it sounds like she just wants to run the whole state like she wants to run it, not like the people want to run it. That’s not the way it operates. North Carolina is a free and independent state. We don’t need a dictator in office. What you really need to do is replace her with someone who knows North Carolina and what North Carolina is all about. … I just want to let you know I don’t think she’s been a very good governor. In fact, she’s been a hindrance to our society.

Recycling is a wonderful thing, but I do wish you would not recycle your Dear Abby columns so frequently.

Ronald Reagan was the impetus for NAFTA. George Bush Sr. signed a free-trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. Presidents Reagan, Bush, Ford and Carter all urged Congress to pass a NAFTA bill, which it did. Clinton merely signed the bill after defeating Bush.

My issue is with U.S. Highway 264. There’s a tree down there before you get to the Everett lookout tower. … Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to go down there where they’re logging and cut those trees that are ready to fall onto the highway there by the old, burned-out home. Sure would be nice if someone would take care of this issue because that’s an accident that seems to be getting ready to happen.

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