Generations plays music the client’s way

Published 9:26 pm Tuesday, May 15, 2012

“Your Day, Your Way” is the motto that Generations Mobile DJ Service lives by.

Gary and Irene Flannelly of Generations Mobile DJ Service look over a playlist at their studio on Main Street. (Submitted Photo)

“It’s all about the client and making them happy. Other DJs say, ‘Here’s what we’ll do for you.’ People are surprised when we ask them what music they want,” said company owner Gary Flannelly. “We invite them in to see what we have, to sit down and talk.”

The long-time music player is a prime example of  someone making a living at something he or she loves. “We put on a show for (our clients). Sometimes we have to encourage people to get up and have fun. We have to get the party going. It’s our job — throwing parties. You can’t beat that,” Flannelly said.

The company’s name, Generations, aptly reflects what it offers: Flannelly and wife and co-owner, Irene, can help plan a party for any age group or any occasion.

“We can do any (type of music). From AC/DC to Sinatra. We span the generations. If it’s been recorded, we can play it,” said Flannelly.

The Flannellys make an extra effort to ensure they match the genre of music and the DJ with the age and personality of each client.

“If it’s formal, we’re formal. If it’s flip-flops and board shorts, then that’s it,” said Flannelly.

Through modern technology, Generations has access to 15 million songs. Where there once were two material turntables spinning LPs, there now are two digital turntables playing digital tunes.

“I spun vinyl in college. It’s come so far since I first started. Now it’s all digital. As long as I have access online I can play anything. There’s no more stumping the DJ,” Flannelly said, laughing.

The digital system allows Flannelly to preview song requests as well, using earphones while he’s playing another tune to make sure the requested song is appropriate for the audience at each event.

“Generations provided the music for our wedding reception. It was a wonderful event and an excellent value,” said client Curtis Brown.

“They made modifications (to my playlist) at the last minute. It was something I didn’t think I would get (so close to the event). Our guests could make requests. They were very accommodating, very professional.”

Providing the music at local events since 2009, Generations now has 14 DJs who play tunes at a dozen gigs each month.

The company recently moved into the former sailing-school building at the Carolina Wind Yachting Center on West Main Street in Washington. It is opening a second office in Raleigh.

Dubbed “The Studio,” the Main Street location is where the Flannellys meet with clients and exhibit their set-up.

The Studio is the place to be once a month if you like jamming or sharing the joy of music with others. The Flannellys host the Dodecual Jam (dodecual means occurring 12 times a year), usually happening around the full moon each month.

Flannelly encourages everyone to come out and enjoy the jams.

“Everyone has a good time.  There’s a lot of musical talent here in Washington,” he said.

Generations donates 10 percent of its proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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