SOUND OFF: 5/18/12

Published 7:10 pm Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I’m calling about Dear Abby. I have been reading the same ones for probably two months. So, you need to update it or get rid of it.

Watch the last meeting and see if you don’t agree that we need random drug testing for the county commissioners.

It’s interesting that there are those on the Washington City Council who view the proposed ETJ changes as people losing the city’s “protection.” Well, a lot of other folks view the proposed change as giving the folks more freedom. Thank you. Have a good day.

I know nothing about the other candidates, but Ruby Pippin was certainly a great winner of the Mother of the Year.

To the person who felt the Pinetown voting precinct at the fire department was too small: the Pinetown Ruritan building cost taxpayers’ dollars and the fire department was free. The Pinetown fire department has two reliable landline telephones available, whereas as the Pinetown Ruritan had none. The bottom line is did you get to vote? If so, get over it.

I’d like to register a complaint. The Tuesday paper was a waste. Did trees die for this, or was this a recycled paper? I mean this Tuesday paper, the front page and the sports section is nothing. I mean nothing. I’m sorry if this offends anyone who works there. I’m sure you’re good people, hard-working people, but this Tuesday paper was bought at Walgreens then thrown in the garbage two minutes later. So, shame on me for buying it. My fault. I should’ve known better.

The torn and tattered flag flying in front of Comfort Inn on U.S. Highway 17 Business is a disgrace and should be replaced.

Across the street from the end of my driveway in Belhaven, a broken-up, large-screen TV has been residing for the past four to five weeks. I have asked the town twice to have the eyesore removed with no success. The Town of Belhaven should remove or ask the owner to dispose of it someplace other than the edge of the road in a residential area with lots of children.

I support our Gov. Beverly Perdue and what she said about comparing North Carolina to Mississippi. Those Southern states like Mississippi and Alabama were some of the last holdouts on the racial problems of the past. But North Carolina voting for Amendment One and this marriage debacle, we are embarrassing ourselves. We are the ones standing at the steps, not allowing black students into college. We are the ones shooting water hoses and beating helpless people. We have become the bad ones. We have become intolerant. It is truly embarrassing to me as a North Carolinian.

Could someone please tell me why the gas in Aurora is more than 30 cents a gallon higher than it is in Washington? Is it the lack of competition or just plain greed?

The mosquitoes are atrocious. Does anyone know when the county is going to start spraying?

The opinion offered in Wednesday’s Washington Daily News on Vidant Beaufort Hospital applies equally well to Vidant Pungo Hospital. We are really proud of Belhaven’s largest employer and its employees.

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