Jones determined to succeed

Published 6:38 pm Monday, May 21, 2012


About a year ago, Pamela Foreman Jones stood in line at Eagle’s Wings, awaiting her turn to collect food, when she heard an announcement asking for volunteers to help in the new victory garden being planted across the street.

“I said to myself, ‘I like to work outside. There’s nothing like getting out in the morning and getting some fresh air.’ That’s how it started. I thought it was a great avenue to get into the community and participate,” Jones remembered.

“They were trying to have community involvement … neighbor helping neighbor. We had watermelon, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, corn. They encouraged clients to go out and pick their own,” Jones said.

Though the victory garden lasted just one season, Jones remains a weekly volunteer at Eagle’s Wings, helping every Tuesday to unpack food, stock shelves and assist clients in making their food selections.

“I look at the adults and kids, especially the kids. That’s our future. You just might be helping lift up another world leader,” Jones said of her work with Eagle’s Wings clients. “You never know what changes they might make in our world in the future. It’s the hand that keeps on giving.”

Jones is no stranger to misfortune, and she knows first-hand about the help she provides.

“I thank God for Eagle’s Wings. There was a time we were literally starving. My boys, they remember those lean times. It’s so hard on the kids. Eagle’s Wings was a ray of hope. (That help) made me feel strong again,” Jones said.

Not one to let an unfortunate situation keep her down, Jones not only decided to help others, but she also returned to school.

With the aid of two grants, Jones is studying computer programming and information technology full-time at Beaufort County Community College, choosing that direction for what she hopes is its security.

“I was thinking of job security. There is a demand for (programming and IT). I think I would be great at it, so I decided to get my hands in there and work on that,” Jones said.

Her work as a volunteer and determination to improve her situation have earned her a seat on Eagle’s Wings board of directors.

“I’m very honored and I look upon it as an opportunity to help make a difference … to help make improvements … to help give clients better services,” Jones said of her appointment.

“She’s been really helpful. She’s very faithful, works hard, speaks well. She has really worked hard and we like to have a cross section from the community (on the board) — volunteers, clients. We need the feedback,” said Eagle’s Wings Executive Director Sally Love.

Jones brings to the board a unique perspective as both a client and volunteer, and she has the determination to succeed on the board and in life.

“Once I start something, I like to finish what I started. I say keep your eye on the prize and be consistent. That’s the best way to do it,” Jones said.