SOUND OFF: 5/25/12

Published 7:38 pm Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

It amazes me that a CEO of JP Morgan has no idea it was $2 billion in debt. It also amazes me that our City Council does not know that our city is in debt. It’s been in debt for years, and they are just finding out and they are in awe of this — and they get paid these big bucks. It just amazes me.

Those bushes or shrubs at Third and Market streets certainly need to be cut. It’s hard to see oncoming traffic, and Gladden and Third is really bad, too, with these palm trees. They are a road hazard. They need to be cut down.

I work at the courthouse. I’ve notice over the years that the security guards from the hospital deliver the meals to the jail. I mean they don’t go in the jail. The jailers come out and get the food and take it inside. Wouldn’t it be smarter in this day and age to keep security at the hospital? What happens if something happens at the hospital and the security is not there? Somebody needs to rethink this.

It’s not right that they block the waterfront walkers off at Water Street so people cannot get to businesses located there.

Thanks to Debbie O’Neal for her letter on why our airport is a valuable asset to Beaufort County and Washington. She correctly identified the tangible benefits of that building to have planes at the airport to pay rent for hangars, parking spaces, fuel and property taxes on their planes. Intangibles are harder to quantify but equally valuable. Businesses that are interested or invested in Washington fly regularly into Warren Field. I would rather see them land at Warren than at Greenville and drive to Washington. Ms. O’Neal correctly states our current fixed-base operator is doing a great job of managing the airport and providing the services that it contracts to provide. It should continue as Warren’s fixed-based operator. Warren Field, as is the waterfront, is one of the main valuable assets to the city and the county.

Well, I have a question. When you buy or build yourself a new house, do you let your old house sit there and rot or do you sell or make good use of it? The reason I’m asking that is because I’m riding by the old Beaufort County Home and the place beside the old John Small School on Jack’s Creek, not to forget the P.S. Jones building. I’m just wondering why this is a common practice here in Washington and Beaufort County.

Why should my city taxes have to pay for the airport to keep running? If it can’t make it on loans, close it down.

I’m calling concerning the bathrooms near the dock attendants’ station on Stewart Parkway. Those bathrooms are nasty, they stink and they need to be cleaned.

I totally agree with that Sound Off about the trailer parks. That made my morning. So, whoever you are, I agree with you.

This is something to do with this person who called about trailer parks. I was born and raised in a trailer park, and I am now a doctor. I came up from there. That person needs to know that people can come up. I did it. Everybody can do it. You can do it.

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