SOUND OFF: 5/26/12

Published 7:38 pm Friday, May 25, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

The most significant difference between what’s happened at JP Morgan and what’s happening with the federal government is that private investors understand that there will be risks taken when their money is invested. Taxpayers do not. What the federal government has done with countless stimulus plans has been strong-armed robbery. Solyndra is a great example of how the government invested in a terrible investment. It seems to me that Barack Obama and his entourage speak out of both sides of their mouths. It ain’t OK for big banks to invest people’s money and then take a risk losing, but I can do whatever I want to with your tax money. This is the significant difference.

Praise the Lord. You limited the coverage of that bike race to one little photo on the sports page. Thank you. That’s all it deserves, a little photo on the sports page. Hate to get picky, but the sports page could have been a little better. There are basketball championships going on. Oh, well. At least you did that right about the bike race. You didn’t overblow it and have it on the front page. Thank you for that.

In reference to Sunday’s letter to the editor concerning Warren Field, it is my understanding that the airport is not in the city limits, and therefore there are no city taxes required for people who house their aircraft there. Yet, they receive police and fire protection at the expense of city taxpayers.

I enjoy reading Bartow Houston’s columns. For people who have relocated to this area, could he or someone possibly answer how the Washington Pam Pack got its name? What does Pam Pack stand for?

It just occurred to me to thank Fred Bonner for his columns in the Washington Daily News. I enjoy his columns very much.

I want to commend the folks in the emergency room where I was this past Saturday, May 19, especially Dr. William Blum for his wisdom, knowledge and experience in taking care of a severe problem. Additionally, she went above and beyond the call, a lady named Norma Allen, a very accomplished nurse. I just wanted them to know how very much I appreciated it. They are a wonderful team. They took care of a very difficult situation for me that was very serious.

No wonder there are no jobs in the United States. It’s a lot cheaper and easier to get tax cuts and subsidies than to try to sell your product and hire workers. Whose money pays for the rich’s tax cuts, and what does the middle class get for our money? Very little.

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