Milestone for PotashCorp-Aurora

Published 9:42 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PotashCorp-Aurora recently reached another safety milestone with employees and contractors, together, achieving a million safe work hours without a lost-time incident.

(A lost-time incident is the result of an at-work injury that is serious enough to cause the employee to miss work).

Reaching the million-hour mark speaks volumes to the importance, and effort, that each and every employee and contractor places on creating a safe work environment, reads a news release.

“We should all view this accomplishment as a great first step toward our goal of an incident-free workplace,” said Steve Beckel, general manager of the PotashCorp-Aurora facility. “If we communicate and focus on acting safely, we will continue our journey toward an incident-free workplace for everyone who works in Aurora.”

It is a core value of the Aurora facility to relentlessly pursue an injury-free workplace, reads the release. One way of accomplishing this is by redoubling the efforts of every employee and contractor to recognize hazards, to be aware of their surroundings, to watch out for fellow employees and to really think through every job in order to safely accomplish the work.

“There is no task so important that it cannot be done safely,” said Greg Rowe, PotashCorp-Aurora’s manager for safety and health.