SOUND OFF: 6/10/12

Published 6:22 pm Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


Why now? So the county commissioners who have really been lax in overseeing this operation have decided to hold up the pay for the economic commissioner director who retires at the end of the month, all because a report has not been submitted. The EDC operation has been a smoke and mirrors operation for years costing Beaufort County taxpayers millions for unoccupied buildings and maintenance. I sure would like to know where those 900 paying jobs are in Beaufort County and county commissioners, do your job and better oversee these operations.


I understand that Sheetz, the company and franchise, has pulled out and are no longer going to be coming to Washington, based upon their last discussion with the city council grilling them about what their color theme was going to be and what their landscaping was going to be and that this is why Chick Filet also will not come to Washington. This would be jobs. This would be money. And at least it might be somewhere else to eat. What does the city council have to say about this? Why don’t they want any progress in this town? Just what is going on? We need some answers.


I agree with Thursday’s editorial column that roadside hunting should be banned. I also feel that there should be restrictions for hunting in a few feet of residential areas. I live five miles from town and have had holes shot through my garage by hunters shooting at such close range it is dangerous to be outside. I understand that as of now there are no restrictions as to how closely hunters can shoot within a residential area.


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