Hospital recognizes 2012 scholarship winners

Published 9:08 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012 scholarship recipients are (from left) Melissa Gamber, Davis Lane Rumley, Allison Donadio, Haley Stringer, Morgan Bryant, Kelly Miller, Rebecca Blackburn, Riziki Omonde, Ryan Hart, Mari-Kate Newbold, Meagan Rose, Rita King and Mollie Crawford. Not pictured: Courtney Leffelman. (Submitted Photo/Vidant Beaufort Hospital)

The Vidant Beaufort Hospital Volunteer Department recently awarded scholarships totaling $7,450 to 14 local students for their service to the hospital. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must serve as a volunteer at the hospital for at least three summers and work at least 34 hours each summer.

During the summer months, Vidant Beaufort Hospital is supported by a group of junior volunteers known as “volunteens.” These dedicated students provide a great service to the hospital and patients while they get a first-hand look at the industry. Jan Hamblin, Manager of Volunteer Services at the hospital, said, “Our junior volunteers do so many things to help our hospital staff and patients. They do anything from discharging patients, delivering various items throughout the hospital, to certain clerical duties. It is a delight to have these students with us during the summer months and it is an opportunity to give some of our adult volunteers a break.”

This year’s scholarship recipients are:

  • Rebecca Blackburn, daughter of Ricky and Sherry Blackburn, graduated from Northside High School. Rebecca is studying Nursing at Beaufort County Community College and East Carolina University.
  • Morgan Bryant, daughter of Jonathan and Kay Baker, graduated from Washington High School. Morgan plans to study Biology at William Peace University.
  • Mollie Crawford, daughter of Mike and Kara Crawford, graduated from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Mollie plans to study Biology at Elon University.
  • Allison Donadio, daughter of Wanda and Paul Donadio, graduated from Washington High School. Allison plans to study Psychology at Pitt Community College.
  • Melissa Gamber, daughter of William and Connie Gamber, attends Beaufort County Early College. Melissa is studying Cosmetology.
  • Ryan Hart, son of Al and Cathy Hart, graduated from Northside High School. Ryan plans to study Engineering at North Carolina State University.
  • Rita King, daughter of Michael and Deandria King, graduated from Northside High School. Rita plans to study Graphic Design at East Carolina University.
  • Courtney Leffelman, daughter of Michael and Kimberly Davenport, graduated from Washington High School. Courtney plans to study Nutrition Science at East Carolina University Honor College.
  • Kelly Miller, daughter of Gary and Lisa Miller, graduated from Northside High School. Kelly plans to study Speech Therapy at Beaufort County Community College.
  • Mari-Kate Newbold, daughter of Dal and Ginger Newbold, graduated from Washington High School. Mari-Kate plans to study Elementary Education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.
  • Riziki Omonde, daughter of Peter and Lois Omonde, graduated from Washington High School. Riziki plans to study Physical Therapy at Appalachian State University.
  • Meagan Rose, daughter of Robbie and Stephanie Rose, attends Beaufort County Early College. Meagan is studying Nursing.
  • Davis Lane Rumley, son of Anne Stuart O’Neal and Jeff Rumley, graduated from Washington High School. Davis plans to study Computer Science at Elon University.
  • Haley Stringer, daughter of Joe and Cindy Stringer, graduated from Washington High School. Haley plans to study Nursing at Beaufort County Community College.