Making a difference

Published 6:36 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A new batch of “World’s Best Dad” coffee mugs now sits in cabinets across the country. Countless new ties, most of them bad, rest in closets everywhere. Thousands of new golf balls have already been lost.
Father’s Day has officially been in the books for more than a week.
Celebration of the father has since returned to its less-formal routine. And in some ways, that’s a shame.
A father plays such an important role in the development of so many lives. A good father prepares and provides, disciplines and supports, sets an example and, most importantly, offers his love.
That’s something worth celebrating more than just one day a year.
But perhaps even more unfortunate is the fact that many men meet every definition of ‘father’ but one (biological), and there is no official day set aside to celebrate their contributions.
Examples are abundant, right here in our community.
Washington High School graduate Terrance Copper made headlines recently for bringing a host of fellow NFL players to town to support local youth.
A hoops contest pitting the pro football players against local police and fire departments benefited Project Next Step, a program put in place to help at-risk teens. Additional local events included a free football camp and a cookout at the Beaufort County Boys & Girls Club.
Copper’s efforts were much appreciated and well publicized, thanks to his high-profile profession.
Fortunately, there are many others doing good work. Unfortunately, they don’t all get recognized publicly.
Some take on official roles like coach or Sunday-school teacher.
With a tough-love approach, Bishop Samuel Jones Jr. at Purpose of God Annex offers support to some of our young people who need it most through Project New Hope.
Still others take on responsibility without so much as a title.
They all deserve to be celebrated.
We may not offer coffee mugs, ties or golf balls, but we sure can give our thanks.