Flame your passion for politics

Published 9:43 pm Saturday, June 30, 2012

When Don Davis addressed Democratic Women of Beaufort County Thursday night, he spoke of the passion and personalities of politics today.
At one time, a liberal republican looked a lot like a conservative democrat. But, there is less of that these days. And we haven’t seen a grassroots effort like Occupy Wall Street in a few decades.
The current political climate will make this year’s election one for the history books and we hope you get involved. Visit monthly meetings of both parties. Take advantage of the wealth of online resources and learn where candidates stand on the issues important to you.
We want to know about the issues nearest and dearest to you. What will sway your vote in local and national elections? Do you have any burning questions for candidates?
Tell us what you think, whether it’s by stopping one of us on the street, sending an email, leaving a comment on Facebook, participating in our online polls or just calling Sound Off.
Let’s channel all of this political passion and see which candidates are listening.