Gurley to head nurse-aide program

Published 6:05 pm Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sue Gurley has been chosen to lead BCCC’s nurse-aide program. (Submitted Photo)

Beaufort County Community College has tapped one of its graduates to head its nurse-aide program and oversee the program’s move to a new building on campus.

Coordinating the program is Sue Gurley. A 1984 graduate of BCCC’s associate-degree nursing program, Gurley has some 10 years experience as a teacher in nurse-aide classes at BCCC.

“I am dedicated to the success of this program,” she said.

As program coordinator, Gurley oversees the scheduling and operations of BCCC’s nurse-aide I and II classes, recruits and trains instructors and coordinates clinical rotations for students.

The nurse-aide program is under the auspices of BCCC’s Division of Continuing Education.

“We are delighted that Sue, as an alumna of BCCC’s nursing program, will be serving as a teacher and a role model for our nurse-aide students,” said Chet Jarman, dean of continuing education.

“I am extremely delighted to have her join the Division of Continuing Education on a full-time basis. She has a thorough knowledge of the nurse-aide program and is doing a commendable job,” he said. “Her excitement and enthusiasm are contagious.”

Gurley said training as a nurse aide can not only lead students to a good job but also can serve as the gateway to a career in nursing.

“I recognize the value of a nurse aide certification and recognize their value particularly in caring for the elderly,” she said. “It’s a very employable skill to have. Students can complete their classes and go right to work.”

Gurley also said the variety of opportunities for nurse-aide graduates makes the career appealing. Nurse aides can work in home health care, hospitals, nursing homes and doctors’ offices.

Gurley is a native of Chocowinity and a graduate of Chocowinity High School. She has a lifelong interest in history, having studied colonial food preparations as an intern with Tryon Palace in New Bern. She is a member of Second Baptist Church in Washington, and in her spare time enjoys gardening and reading. Gurley and her husband, Dennis, live in Chocowinity.

BCCC offers nurse-aide I and nurse-aide II classes on its campus. It is exploring the possibility of expanding to other locations in its service area to help meet the growing need for nurse aides in health care.

The nurse aide I course prepares students to provide personal care and perform basic nursing skills for the elderly and other adults. The nurse aide I class includes 48.75 hours of classroom instruction, 65.5 hours of laboratory instruction and 36.75 hours of clinical rotation for a minimum of 151 hours. After completing the course, graduates may apply for the State Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation. Successful candidates are listed with the Division of Facility Services’ Nurse Aide I Registry.

The nurse aide II course prepares students to perform more complex skills for patients. The nurse aide II class includes 90 hours of classroom laboratory instruction and 92 hours of clinical rotation for a minimum of 182 hours. After successfully completing the course and the State Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation, graduates may apply for listing as a nurse aide II with the N.C. Board of Nursing’s Nurse Aide II Registry.

The first basic skills-plus class that has combined general educational development studies with a simultaneous nurse aide I certification class will complete its course and clinical work this month.

For more information about nurse-aide classes sponsored by BCCC, contact Sue Gurley at 252-940-6263 or or visit BCCC’s website at