BCAC to host 300-year exhibit

Published 8:15 pm Monday, July 9, 2012

Residents of Beaufort County are being called upon to assist the Beaufort County Arts Council for its exhibit planned for the fall of 2012.
BCAC is in the early stages of planning an exhibit for September 6 – October 18 celebrating the 300th anniversary of Beaufort County. BCAC, in partnership with the Beaufort County Tricentennial Committee, will be seeking donations from Beaufort County citizens to include in the exhibit.  According to BCAC sources, items sought for the exhibit will represent events, people and artifacts that reflect life in Beaufort County throughout its history.
Any item donated for the exhibit will be on loan and will be returned to the owner.  Preferable items should be two-dimensional, or items that can be displayed and/or hung on the walls of the Civic Center. Three-dimensional items should be able to fit in the Civic Center’s glass cases, said Joey Toler, BCAC executive director.
Toler said he encourages anyone to consider any item they think may be unique, historical, or just interesting, which represents the county’s past. Items he suggested for the exhibit are photographs, paintings/portraits, newspaper articles, posters, signage, keepsakes, and collectibles. BCAC would be open to considering anything that will work for the exhibit. If an item is historical but seems challenging to display, Toler said the BCAC wants to know about it anyway, that there may be a way to include it in the exhibit.
Lynn Lewis, Beaufort County Tricentennial committee member said, “Beaufort County residents are very proud of our history. This exhibit offers a way to showcase that rich and varied history while celebrating 300 years.”
BCAC will issue periodic updates to the public on items that are being assembled for the exhibit. According to Toler, the exhibit will be unique for the organization.
“We’ve done retrospective exhibits in the past, but have only used our own archives.  This will be the first time we’ve relied completely on the community to supply items to be exhibited, so we’re hopeful that folks will participate and share what they have,” said Toler.
Anyone who would like to donate an item for the exhibit should call the arts council.  Items should be delivered to BCAC at 108 Gladden Street the week of August 27-31.  In the meantime, if you need more information or have questions about an item that you think would work for the exhibit, call the arts council at 252.946.2504 or email beaufortcountyarts@embarqmail.com.