SOUND OFF July 10, 2012

Published 7:53 pm Monday, July 9, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I wonder if the city could do something about its 24-hour number. The lights go out, you could get a busy signal, or if you get the phone to ring, nobody answers so you can’t let them know where the lights are out. It would be nice if the city could do something about the answering service there.

I am so disappointed with our weather-alert system. We have a weather-alert radio, and the local stations were music as usual. All we could get was maritime weather. We need a system we can go to if needed when power goes out. Even when the power came back on, I could not find any information of exactly what had happened.

To the men and women of Washington Electric Utilities: What a wonderful job in restoring power after system-wide outages from the storm Sunday night. It is in keeping with the outstanding emergency response I have experienced in 50 years of service with the Washington system. Thank you, thank you.

Washington Electric Utilities needs to take a lesson from Tideland Electric Membership Corp. when it comes to communication during and after a storm. You would think we would have learned from Hurricane Irene, but unfortunately, once again, Washington Electric Utilities has failed us on keeping us up to date through the news or its website on when to expect to have power restored.

I just think everybody needs to be thankful for the Washington Electric Utilities crews. They’ve done an excellent job getting the power back on. Maybe everybody needs to come out to the council meetings when all these council members are trying to do away with our utility guys and sell us out to a different county. We need all the utility workers we can, especially in times like these. Great job, Washington Electric Utilities.

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