How much is that doggie in the window?

Published 9:17 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This week, the folks at Southern Pines Animal Shelter did something new and interesting: they held a matchmaking soiree in which those seeking pets made rounds, meeting and greeting shelter dogs seeking new homes. Wine and cheese were served at the event that was described as “speed dating for dogs.” Five out of eight shelter dogs met their match and were adopted on the spot.
Every Wednesday, the Washington Daily News features two potential pets currently in residence at the Betsy Bailey Nelson Animal Control Facility (aka, the Beaufort County Animal Shelter). Photos are taken by volunteer Dottie Walker, and a brief write-up about the animals’ personalities is included — not quite “speed dating”; more like “read dating.”
Some of the animals at the shelter are strays, others given up by their owners. Regardless of origin, 1,300 animals have been taken in by the shelter so far this year — a shelter with room for only 20 to 30 dogs at a given time. At that rate, they are all living on borrowed time.
The adoption fees for unneutered/spayed dogs is $65: $50 for the spay or neuter, $10 for a microchip and a $5 adoption fee. For cats, the cost is $45: $30 for the spay or neuter, $10 microchip and $5 adoption fee. Both fees drop to $15 if the animal has already been spayed or neutered.
According to shelter officials, animals are held as long as there is space available — as long as they possibly can hold them — even though state law only requires a hold of 72 hours before an animal can be euthanized.
Seventy-two hours is a small window, but if the “speed daters” of Southern Pines can find their perfect pets in much less time, a trip out to the animal shelter just may deliver your own match made in heaven.
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How much is that doggie/kitty in the paper? Not so much at all.