Keeping it local

Published 9:52 pm Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mark Batton deserves a lot of credit. When the Washington Harbor District Alliance needed to relocate its Saturday Market for two weeks in June, the horticultural employment project coordinator at The Herb Shop saw it as an opportunity to help the Beaufort County Developmental Center.
The temporary relocation of the Saturday Market from Stewart Parkway to the BCDC parking lot has spawned the Wednesday Evening Market, where the public may purchase locally grown produce.
So far, the Wednesday Evening Market is looking like a win-win-win proposition for all involved: local farmers have another venue to market their crops; The Herb Shop, which provides horticultural training to people with disabilities, benefits from the visiting consumers; and the public has a midweek option for the freshest fruits and vegetables.
“I felt like we could really be doing the community a service by offering another opportunity for local farmers and vendors to sell their wares, as well as letting the public have an additional opportunity throughout the week to purchase fresh, local produce and products,” Batton said.
Whether you shop at the Saturday Market or the Wednesday Evening Market (or both), the bottom line is that Beaufort County dollars remain in Beaufort County. Thanks to Batton, that’s a winning proposition for all.
The Wednesday Evening Market is open from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the BCDC parking lot, 1534 W. Fifth St., Washington. Vendors interested in participating should contact Batton at 252-946-0151.