SOUND OFF July 17, 2012

Published 9:05 pm Monday, July 16, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


Trying to figure out why Washington can put Roundup all around the curves of Park Drive, down Second Street and down Third Street and can’t spray any Roundup on the city’s tennis courts to kill the weeds. Interesting. Not much to do in Washington. We need to keep what we can in good condition.


Everybody’s talking about Friday the 13th being unlucky. Anytime the first of the month falls on Sunday, there’s going to be a Friday the 13th.


The U.S. Department of Defense had declared the month of the July 2012 as Remember the Korean War from 1950 to July 27, 1953. There’s a 60-year anniversary. There will be a memorial in the Arlington National Cemetery at the Tomb of the Unknowns on July 27 at 9 a.m. and a dinner for all veterans of the war given by the South Korean government. I entered the Korean War as a draftee in January 1952. I spent 16 months on the front line. I was carried out on July 23, 1953, four days before the end. Ninety-two percent of the soldiers who fought in the Korean War were draftees that fought for the country.


Shame on the on the person who owns the trailer park on Market Street Extension that was hit so hard during this storm. There is a tree half cut off, and it’s never been taken down. If a child or anyone else was killed in that trailer park, I don’t see why the owner wouldn’t be liable.


There are two things in North Carolina that I’m 100 percent for: that’s the tolls on the ferries and the death penalty. The Bible tells you “a life for a life.” The tolls on the ferries are the same thing as the highways. If you use them, you pay for them.


This is to the Belhaven officials, the mayor and all the other officials: During the storm, it was poor leadership to not go out and give water and ice to the elderly and sick folks in the town of Belhaven. That needs to be addressed.


I so enjoyed reading the July 13 letter to the editor. It’s nice to see we still have people with a great sense of humor who can focus in so narrowly on one topic and turn it into pandemonium as they try to persuade others to join in and agree with their position. I was raised that any position or argument should use reasonable judgment to draw conclusions. Thank God we have a nation where there is freedom of speech and, yes, freedom to make our choices.

Saw a little, red, smart car. Looks like a windup toy. I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. But then again, if I got hit by another car or truck, I guess would be caught dead in it. They’re unsafe. How do they even allow these electric, hybrid, little, smart, silly cars on the road? They’re a death trap. They’re just a death trap.


To the hoot who stole my hoist and anchor holding my lowland cypresses upright after the recent blow on Clark’s Neck Road. Return it. I ID’d you through camera and global Skype down to name on your pocketknife. You choose.


In reference to the caller’s comment in Sound Off in Friday’s paper about the person who called in the Sunday Sound Off: Well, I’m that person, and, no, I haven’t read the 2,700 pages, and I can pretty much probably guarantee that no one complaining about the health-care bill has read any of it either. But I have read enough and fact-checked enough to know that it is a good deal. And I have President Obama to thank for it, and God. I hope that the people who are cutting it down that haven’t read anything about it or done any fact checking will do the same.


It is bad enough the Olympic uniforms were manufactured in China, but those French berets have nothing to do with American culture. No baseball caps or cowboy hats, which would have done the job.


There was a two-vehicle plus a boat wreck on U.S. Highway 17 at Chandler Road on Saturday morning. The Chocowinity and Wilmar fire department responded within minutes. They did a terrific job directing traffic on Highway 17, which is very busy on Saturday, and controlling the scene without any law enforcement, which was at least a 25-minute response. Congratulations, Chocowinity and Wilmar fire departments, for a job well, well done.


Be sure to vote in today’s second primary, especially if you live in the 6th House District. Also, those Council of State races are important, too.


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