SOUND OFF, July 28

Published 11:17 pm Friday, July 27, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I think that ruling by the NCAA for Penn State is one of the worst things it could ever do to that college. That is stupidity as far as I’m concerned. Everybody makes a mistake. That man didn’t do all that stuff. It’s just an embarrassment to the university, to his family and all.

I would like to comment on D.G. Martin’s article in the paper on Wednesday, July 25. I commend him for it. I thought it was well written and it blessed me. Keep up the good work.

Now on July 25, you printed in Sound Off an article about birds staying away from windmills. I was flabbergasted. I have worked doing electrical updates on windmills for three years. Never found a dead bird around any of them. Never seen a goose fly by with a blindfold on. Never seen a duck with a blindfold on. Birds are smarter than people think, you know. They don’t fly into moving objects.

What a wonderful thing were all the vendors out at the Beaufort County Developmental Center selling locally raised vegetables. Everybody needs to go who likes to have local vegetables and also for the support of the outfit.

To the person commenting on the wind turbines at Nags Head Pier: those were not industrial wind turbines. Those are very small local, almost home units. Nothing like the ones that were going to be built in Beaufort County which are as tall as a 40-story building with blades that go through the air at way more than 200 miles an hour. They will kill many birds. So, you were looking at the wrong kind of turbine, friend.

Ashley, you done a good deed putting the police department and sheriff’s office (reports) in there. Now, would you do one more thing for us? Would you put the local court cases in there for us, the docket on them? Appreciate it. You’re doing a good job, buddy. Hang in there.

Scott Mooneyham’s article about the Roanoke Rapids economic-development boondoggle should be required reading before the City Council or the county commissioners engage in any future economic-development projects. The Turnage Theater, the airport and Quick Start II may not have cost as much, but there sure is a striking similarity in economic-development philosophy.

Thank you, Murphy’s, for keeping our gas prices down in Washington.

I had to leave the children’s park recently because of a horrible odor coming from the white building next to it. City officials, please check this out. Something is wrong down on the waterfront.

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