Published 9:12 pm Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.
I’d like to know what Byron York’s solution to food stamps is? Perhaps starvation?

I am just looking at the picture on the front page of the paper of the children at the Purpose of God Annex summer camp. It is just precious. I wish I could get out there and dig in the dirt with the children.

This is in response to the person who commented Friday on the guns. If there had been more people in that theater having guns, there could have been more people that were dead because they are not trained to identify the culprit. They would be shooting at random. What we need is to be sure that guns like semi-automatic assault rifles are not in the hands of people. They’re not used for anything other than to give you a choice about what kind of gun you would like to have in the house. You don’t need to have armor-piercing bullets because you can’t use those for anything other than to shoot at somebody who has armor on. The only people that have that are the police. So, I think being reasonable about gun control is the issue — not taking away your rights, not taking away all your guns, but making sure that we have appropriate guns in the house to take care of our safety, and not to go out and randomly start shooting at somebody we think could be putting us in danger.
As a Christian, I totally disagree with your editorial this morning. I agree that it is important to support causes that help others. However, my money is never wasted when I support Christian companies.

I’m guessing the person who called in objecting to Sunday mowing is a bored, seven-day stay-at-home with nothing constructive to do. I work six days a week, with only a few short hours in the morning plus Sunday to mow, edge, weed, trim, paint and anything else to keep my property looking good for my neighborhood and his. If he wants to come over during the week to do yard work for me, I will respect that and him.

I agree with the people wanting picnic tables at Festival Park. Havens Garden has them. Is there vandalism there we don’t hear about?

While I certainly appreciate the editorial in Friday’s paper instructing me on how best to spend my money for two local causes as opposed to at Chic-fil-A, let me say the reason that many went to Chic-fil-A was not to increase its profit margin but to show quiet support for a company that’s not ashamed to stand up for what it believes in. It’s quite offensive that an editorial chooses to instruct Americans.

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