It can work better

Published 9:10 pm Monday, August 13, 2012

So far, Every Pet of the Week that’s appeared in the Washington Daily News has been adopted. That is an amazing statistic.
We can do better.
Beaufort County has more animals ready to adopt than people willing to adopt them. The Betsy Bailey Nelson Animal Control Facility is usually filled to its capacity of 20 to 30 dogs and another 20 or so kennels for cats.
At first glance, the answer seems simple. Let’s just run more photos. A Pet of the Day perhaps?
Unfortunately, that would pose a new problem for the animal shelter. The Pets of the Week get a reprieve from their scheduled “emancipations,” which means they hold a slot that would otherwise go to the next deserving animal.
So, here’s the next best thing: Anyone with access to the Internet may browse the shelter’s current occupants at We hope you bookmark the site.
The adoption fees for unneutered/unspayed dogs is $65: $50 for the spay or neuter, $10 for a microchip and a $5 adoption fee. For cats, the cost is $45: $30 for the spay or neuter, $10 microchip and $5 adoption fee. Both fees drop to $15 if the animal has already been spayed or neutered.