Rawls family gets good news from VA

Published 8:58 pm Friday, August 17, 2012

Michelle Rawls had good news to share. The Veterans Administration has agreed to cover all of her husband’s medical expenses, including the added expense of placing him in a nursing home.
Jordan Rawls suffered a massive stroke last November. He was released from the hospital a month later with a condition called Locked-in Syndrome. Jordan could only move his eyelids and his prognosis was not good.

When Jordan’s physical therapists told Michelle her husband would gain motion if he had daily physical therapy, Michelle tried to put him in a nursing home that would provide it.
For his insurance to cover a nursing home, he would have to have been sent to one directly from the hospital or within 30 days of being released.
Since Jordan and Michelle are veterans of the Army, Michelle applied for disability assistance and was told the decision could take up to two years.
But the Rawls’ wait is now over. Michelle said her family would no longer need donations.
“(The VA) will be taking care of everything,” Michelle said Friday. “Thanks to everyone for your support.”