Partnership offering new organic cotton t-shirts

Published 8:53 pm Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Partnership for the Sounds is now carrying a specially designed t-shirt made in North Carolina, entirely out of organic cotton grown in North Carolina.
Bearing the PfS-exclusive slogan “deliver us from weevils” on the back, the shirts offer a unique way to support both the Partnership and sustainable North Carolina agriculture. All the cotton for the shirts was grown organically in central and eastern North Carolina, and the shirt maker, TS Designs, is located in Burlington.
Each shirt even has a code printed on it that allows you to trace its path “from dirt to shirt” — or all the miles it covered on its way from field to cotton gin to thread to cloth to final product. These tees traveled less than 750 total miles before reaching the Partnership, which is a remarkably short journey for an article of commercial clothing.
Join the Partnership in promoting sustainable agriculture and North Carolina-based business. These one-of-a-kind shirts cost $20 and are available exclusively at the North Carolina Estuarium in Washington, the Roanoke/Cashie River Center in Windsor, and the Walter B. Jones Center for the Sounds in Columbia.
The Partnership for the Sounds is a nonprofit organization promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable development in the Albemarle-Pamlico region. Contact the Estuarium at 252-948-0000 for more information.