Students share school survival secrets

Published 9:06 pm Saturday, August 25, 2012

As Beaufort County students head back to the classroom for the 2012-2013 school year, the Washington Daily News asked for their words of wisdom.

Advice for new high school students:

Jose Ramirez, 17, Northside High School, Senior

  • Do as you’re told. That’s what I do.

Allen Cuthrell, 17, Northside High School, Senior

  • I wish someone had told me what really was going to happen. It turned out to be pretty much the same thing (as middle school).

William Davis, 17, Northside High School, Senior

  • If you need help, ask any other students. If you’re not sure of the advice they give, ask others.

Kathy Rine, 17, Northside High School, Senior

  • Don’t skip the line at lunch.
  • Don’t go down the back hall.
  • Don’t run around being loud and obnoxious the first day.

Holly Keech, 17, Northside High School, Senior

  • Don’t be scared. It gets better.

Ray Alonso, 17, Northside High School, Senior

  • Be respectful of everyone and enjoy your four years.

Hayley Jones, 17, Northside High School, Senior

  • Care about your grades.
  • I wish I could go back to freshman year. That was the funnest year for me. That was the best.

Zachary Davis, 17, Northside High School, Senior

  • Avoid seniors in the locker room.

Gray Peedin, 17, Washington High School, Senior

  • Don’t be scared to come in. We’re a warm family you just have to get used to.
  • Don’t believe anything you hear about east hall and just enjoy your high school experience.
  • One thing that Washington does in particular is we have a freshman hall. Most of their classes are on that hall so they don’t have to go too far.
  • They give you a lot more freedom in high school because they trust you more and with that freedom, you have to maintain that trust because they can come down hard on you if you don’t.

Emily Bohn, 17, Washington High School, Senior

  • Get involved in as much as you can. I played sports and did a lot of clubs and stuff.
  • The worst part about being a freshman was in the halls when people would yell at you for walking too slowly and say, “Get out of the way, freshman.” Learn where you are so you can get out of the way.
  • Ask for help – but not a senior! Ask another freshman that might know more than you.

Ivory Jordan, 17, Washington High School, Senior

  • Don’t do anything that you would feel uncomfortable doing because of peer pressure. These freshmen are different. Right now, they are just out of control. They’re more reckless than the juniors and seniors.
  • If you don’t know what the class is, you might not want to take it as a freshman.
  • Ask for help.

Advice for new middle school students:

Danielle Hodges, 13, PS Jones Middle School, 7th Grade

  • School isn’t easy for 6th grade because you’re in a new place and more active.  Take the easy classes. See what your friends are picking and take the same electives.

Shelby Campbell, 14, NERSVA, Freshman

  • If you have a choice, take what you know, what you’ll do good in. If you want a challenge, take the more harder, challenging classes.
  • Try to find some friends who will be true friends and not desert you by the middle of the year.
  • Try to stay away from boys.

Aidan Morehead, 13, 8th grade, visiting dad from Raleigh

  • I have seven classes. I have to run to each one of them. Just remember where they are and you will always get there in time.
  • Having seven different teachers is okay. Once you learn their names, you’re okay.
  • It’s not really that hard to see friends. You have seven classes. That’s seven different times you have a chance to see them.