SOUND OFF: Sept. 1, 2012

Published 8:06 pm Friday, August 31, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

A better place for Gene Lyons’ column, better than where you have it right now, is right under Snuffy Smith and above Beatle Bailey.

River Road is a dangerous street since the centerline reflectors were clipped off during snow removal. It’s particularly dangerous when you have to drive in the rain. I recently called the Department of Transportation to report to this and was told it was being looked into. It may speed matters up if others call and request attention to this problem. The local number for the NCDT is 946-3689.

If the Washington Daily News is not going to deliver the Sunday paper in time for people to read it before they go to church, maybe they need to start advertising that as an evening paper.

In my honest humble opinion, that was a waste of space for that column by Ms. Pollock. That column of Ms. Pollock’s was nothing, garbage, trash. But, I will defend her right to say it and your right to print it just like I would any other fringe group like the Klan, like the Black Panthers, you name it. I just don’t believe it.

Back when we were in Iraq, there was all this talk of everybody wanting to get out of Iraq. Why aren’t we talking about getting out of Afghanistan? We talk about everybody else, but we don’t talk about getting out of Afghanistan. We don’t need to be there.

Good job, Gene Lyons. But, no matter how you spell it out, the Pied-Piper-following ditto heads will never buy it.

Your sports page never fails to disappoint me in how bad it can be. Every day is worse than the next. I just cannot believe it. First of all, a sports page, that’s pretty slack. In the Saturday paper, you had a whole page with Fred Bonner. What was up with that? Are you telling me you couldn’t put in some other sports news, even if it’s AP Wire news? The Sunday sports page is a real disappointment. It actually saddens me. I pity you if this is the best the Daily News can do. Maybe it’s financial. Maybe you don’t have the revenue to have the good stories, to have other sports in your local paper. Local sports is all you can have. If that’s so, I’m sorry for you. I pity you.

Anybody else glad school starts this week? Get those kids back to school so that Washington can be safe for decent, law-abiding adults. Too bad it’s not seven days a week, 24 hours and all year long.

I know what people would say about Toyota, there’s some being made in America. But those people I consider traitors. Weren’t there traitors during World War II, those that worked with the Japanese, those that worked with the Nazis? They was imprisoned… There’s always been other brands of cars in NASCAR and there could be again… But, you know, to have a Toyota to win the Michigan 400 in Detroit, Mich. is a slap in the face to all Americans. To win the Daytona 500 and have a Toyota to win is a slap to every American.

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