SOUND OFF, Sept. 8, 2012

Published 7:58 pm Friday, September 7, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


If the Washington Daily News does not print rugby scores as statistics, we won’t read them.


I am shocked at the headlines that say “Council eyes off-site meetings.” That is totally ridiculous to me. Does that mean Blowing Rock, the beach, Asheville, maybe even Aruba? I mean this is silly. We have other things to spend money on. I just think it’s ridiculous.


I saw the Aug. 27 City Council broadcast and thought it was embarrassing. One of the most basic things they should have known is how they pay their employees. If they can’t understand that, then how can they deal with the bigger issues in the city that they face every day?


To the caller about Eagle’s Wings: if you can get cheaper groceries and are willing to donate, please do so. I bet you Eagle’s Wings would welcome it. Fortunately, it hasn’t had to purchase at that price yet. Thank you for your generosity.


It is very rude when people go to church and during the sermon they take their cellphones out and start looking at icons or diddling with it and whispering to their husband or wife sitting beside them. Please, leave your cellphone in your pocketbook or leave it in your pocket. It’s even distracting to the preacher as he’s trying to preach.


I went to Food Lion Wednesday and I had to back my van into a handicapped parking place because there was a minivan in the other side where I could not get to. When I got my wheelchair out of my van, I noticed an elderly lady sitting in the other car in the handicapped zone. Two minutes later, a young woman walked out, probably her daughter, with her groceries, loaded them in the car and took the grocery cart and carried it back to Food Lion and came back out, got in the car and drove off. I would like to tell that woman who was driving that car to have respect for other people who are handicapped. They don’t have somebody to wait on them. If you don’t need the handicapped space for yourself, please don’t park there.


Yes, I’m calling on behalf of the residents, family members and employees of Ridgewood Nursing Home. We sure have missed Ms. Theresa Taylor since she has left Ridgewood. We would like to extend our thanks and say that she did a great job with a beautiful, warm smile while she was there. Theresa, you’ll be really missed here at Ridgewood.


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