School spots tested, no mold found

Published 10:26 pm Monday, September 10, 2012

The spots on this Northside High School floor sample were found to be glue, not mold. Beaufort County Schools recently tested three floor samples and found no mold in any of them. (WDN Photo/Mona Moore)

Test results confirmed that the dark spots popping up on Northside High School floors may be caused by moisture in the concrete, but they are not mold.
The Beaufort County Schools’ facilities and plant operation department recently had three floor samples tested for mold. Patrick Abele, executive director of BCS’ auxiliary services, shared the test results at Monday’s building, grounds and finance committee meeting.
“I’ve had a lot of calls about mold on the floors. It isn’t mold,” Abele said.
The spots turned out to be glue used to place the 22-year-old tiles.
As quickly as the spots are cleaned away, they reappear. Abele said the spots seep through the tiles within a week of the floors being cleaned.
The school system tested not only the floor but also its concrete foundation and found that the glue has been seeping through the tiles because of moisture in the foundation.
���The concrete is measuring anywhere from 78 to 88 percent moisture levels,” Abele told committee members. “That’s still too high, especially after 22 years.”
Abele said one might expect to find moisture in the foundation of a newer building, but Northside was built in 1990 and should not have any moisture issues.
The cause of the moisture has not yet been determined.
“I don’t think there is just one cause,” Abele said.
He suggested one cause might be the school’s HVAC system. The system is not on automatic controls and needs to be set to reduce the building’s humidity.
Abele said he would continue looking into the matter and return to the committee with solutions to Northside’s humidity issues.