Write Again … And to think, it’s all free

Published 10:28 pm Monday, September 10, 2012

My eyes pop open. I roll over, look at the clock, wait for a bit more focus. Now. It’s just a little after 6.
Great. This means I’ve added on a little over an hour since the last wake up. Any stretch of sleep in excess of an hour is wonderful.
Up and quickly about the “to do’s” in the bathroom. Then on with the exercise togs.
Into the kitchen. Turn the coffee maker on. Then let Beau out, and put his breakfast in his bowl. He always goes straight to it when he comes back in.
On to the garage. Put food into the several trays for the felines. All five of ’em.
Out to get the papers for the First Wife to have when she comes into the kitchen.
Then out to the blue wee car and on to the waterfront.
There are already numerous folks out and about. The pack of runners who meet up early on Saturdays are already as far up as the Washington Park bridge. Now, they are strung out, but they’re all “doing” it. Way to go, girls.
Lots of others are along the parkway. Some walking, others putting their Saturday Market wares out. Good show.
Then I’m off. First a warm-up kind of walk. (We learn that pre-exercise stretching isn’t recommended any longer). Post-exercise stretching is an imperative.
Oh, my. It’s such a great and glorious morning. The old Pamlico is still and absolutely beautiful. There are boats of different sizes and categories tied up at the dock, and more anchored out in the river. Idyllic.
Thank you.
Farther on, and onto the boardwalk. Just look at the winged creatures. They are in groups along much of the length of the boardwalk. The turtles are down there too. Such a beautiful gift.
Thank you.
Then down by the little bridge over the creek a bit past the old armory, I see Wade feeding the ducks. He points out one special bird to me. This one is missing one of its web feet. She is getting about determinedly. I hope she does well in the water. God bless these creatures.
Thank you.
Next is Havens Gardens. What a nice park. I’m absolutely driven by the notion that I can jog over the Washington Park bridge. I can do it. Though I’ve been mostly walking, maybe — just maybe — this old lifetime runner can do it again.
I can’t. The pacemaker is doing its best, but. This seemingly permanent state is beyond frustrating to me.
Exams, tests, and evaluations over the past five years — from Washington to Greenville to Duke to the Mayo Clinic — and no explanation for my infirmity. None. And, please indulge my self-pity, it may be getting a bit worse. Still, I’m grateful for all those years — all those decades — of being able to go out and run. This endeavor is the greatest reliever of stress there is. But I can’t do it. It’s just in my memory now. But, how blessed I have been.
Thank you.
This time in early morning is surely my day’s highlight. Now, I look forward to church tomorrow. This is very important to us. The music, the fellowship, the didactic message. It’s all food for the soul.
And yet, I’ve just finished “church” this morning. Oh, yes. Such a simple experience such as the just finished physical endeavor, as seeing up close and personal the wonder and the beauty of the ducks, the turtles, the river and the absolute plethora of water lilies. Such a gift.
Thank you.
APROPOS — “The very best things in life are free. Don’t let them pass you by.”
— Anonymous