SOUND OFF, Sept. 13

Published 9:32 pm Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I’m calling about the person who loves Obamacare. I’m one of those so-called Christians, and I think that person knows what he or she is talking about. I think her or she is misinformed.

I’m calling to say how much we’re going to miss Brenda Foster at the Daily News and what a terrific job she’s done. She’s always been so friendly and helpful. We hope she has a great retirement. You all are losing a good person and gaining a good person in Matt Tyree.

I’m calling in reference to Russell Smith’s column. He states, “BCCC makes every attempt to lower our operation costs.” I would suggest that you should have bought a Prius versus the Chevy Impala. Fifty miles per gallon is sure cost savings.

It’s good policy to have good infrastructure. It, also at the same time, provides millions of good-paying jobs. We desperately need those jobs, but there’s a political party that continually says no to everything and doesn’t care one whit, one bit, who gets hurt as long as it’s not the top 2 percent. Why vote for no compromise and love for the rich? What about the rest of us?

Russell Smith, nice explanation of trickle-down economics as practiced by Beaufort County Community College. Just a word of advice: there are people in this community who want to tear down any institution. Someone in your role, really, doesn’t dignify those exchanges. They take up too much of your time. It’s just a waste of time.

In reading the Sound Off about affordable care and equal pay, I respect your opinion. However, I represent the other party, and my respect for your opinion greatly diminished with your reference to hate. I am baffled by your accusation. I am a Christian, my family and many of my friends and neighbors are Christians. I am unfamiliar with the so-called hate you refer to. A glance in the mirror might reflect what is truly in your heart.

In response to Walter Williams’ column about the rich don’t pay enough: well, let me tell you that the rich know just how many loopholes they can use in order not to pay their fair share. Although he listed a lot of things, they still use a lot of loopholes and offshore accounts not to pay their fair share of taxes. And, of course, the American taxpayer always has to foot the bill for those rich people who don’t pay their fair share.

Here is the answer to the Sound Off question about who is responsible for keeping our roads trash-free. Answer: the people who use the roads are responsible for keeping the roads trash-free.

A recent headline said “Mother against distracted driving.” What’s the matter, fathers are not against distracted driving? When are you people going to realize that, guess what, fathers are important?

I understand that a photo ID was required to get into the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Do you suppose they want to keep out us poor seniors and blacks? It seems the only time they want us is when it’s time to vote, and then they bring buses to the voting places.

Has the city ever been to a marina? Boats attract seagulls. Have the city officials ever tried to eat lunch on a bench and balance a drink and food and eat with both hands? And how is a lunch on a bench going to keep seagulls away and lunch at a picnic table attract them? None of this makes sense.

So the Parks and Recreation Department doesn’t think anybody should go to the waterfront for activities unless they own a large boat that they can dock out front. The rest of us are supposed to just sit in our cars.

To the person who wanted to know who’s responsible for keeping the roads trash-free: the answer is you and me. There’s little state or local money for this, and so it’s up to us not to be tossing trash on the road. Let’s all think about it and do a better job.

The Affordable Care Act is not in my best interest, and it is only in your best interest if you have some chronic disability or don’t support yourself. Now I pay little or nothing for health care, but with the new system I’d have to pay a lot for insurance even though I’ve only been to the doctor maybe five times in the past 15 years. I don’t want to pay more money to have more services I don’t need.

I am just very sick and tired of the bias of the media. The Republican National Convention was covered on primarily the news channels. On  Tuesday, Sept. 4, the Democratic National Convention was on every single major station, not necessarily just news stations, and I am just sick of the bias we have in this country.

Anyone who wonders why this county continues to be at the bottom of the heap in unemployment and economic recovery should watch the August meeting of the county commissioners. It clearly shows one commissioner’s inability to conduct himself in an ethical and a civil manner and also the inability of the chairman to control the meeting. Do any of the current candidates for county commissioner favor term limits?

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