TCCS leaders find ways to plan events

Published 5:31 pm Friday, September 14, 2012

Terra Ceia Christian School senior Alex Bowen accelerates down the 120-foot-long slip-n-slide during the annual Splash-O-Rama. (Submitted Photo/Andrew Pastoor Photography)

Serve. Entertain. Create. Organize. These are qualities of the Leadership Committee at Terra Ceia Christian School.
Leadership organizes and plans many of the events that occur at Terra Ceia Christian School.
“The leadership team at TCCS is an opportunity for students to take on a responsible role in this school and in their everyday life,” said Sheila Wilkins, one of two teachers leading the group. “It also gives the kids a chance to put their faith in God to practice.”
Fundraisers allow school leaders to attend an annual leadership conference in Goshen, Va., that teaches them how to lead their school in a more organized and effective way.
“We learn about God and how to be good leaders in our school. We also talk with other students from different schools about how they lead their schools,” said senior Sydney Hubers.
The team meets two times a week to discuss future activities, already having two events last week, one being Splash-O-Rama.
Splash-O-Rama is an event held every year at TCCS. For two hours, the students were slipping and sliding along a 120-foot-long, 20-foot-wide plastic sheet covered with soap and water. After everyone got covered with soap, a water balloon fight occurred.
The day ended with a chef from the school, Kevin Beasley, making brownies and cookies.
Every year during volleyball season, Terra Ceia has a volleyball fun night at which volleyball players and soccer players compete against teachers and parents.
Other events that the school leadership plans are the Cancer Awareness Pink Day and See You at the Pole.