Sound Off, Sept. 23

Published 8:59 pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

This information is for the NC Department of Transportation’s road maintenance division: if you folks have lost 25 or 30 orange barrels and a directional sign and don’t where they are, they’re out on Highway 264 West out of Washington  just before you get to the Pitt County line. They’ve been sitting out there for almost a month and they deter traffic. Get on the ball, boys.

I would like for Heather King to know how pleasant she is early in the morning. Her voice is so calm and kind sounding. Thanks also to Jim Howard. He has such a kind look and also a pleasant voice. Good job to both of you and WITN for holding on to good people. Thanks.

I really like Gene Lyons. I hope you keep on publishing him.

I was at a local health wellness exercise facility this week and I’ve also noted it at the grocery stores, people coming up, parking in handicapped places, getting out, walking in, no cane, no walker, no wheelchair. What can be done to make these people understand there are people who are handicapped who needs these parking places? To me, it is an absolute atrocity that people would abuse a situation like this. Thank you.

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