Northside to hold Dig Pink volleyball game

Published 9:31 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2012

For the second year in a row Northside High School will be holding its Dig Pink Volley for a Cure volleyball game to raise awareness and financial contributions toward fighting cancer when the Panthers host South Creek today at 6 p.m.. (WDN Photo/Brian Haines)

PINETOWN — Can you dig it? The Panthers’ volleyball team is hoping the answer to that question is yes as Northside High School will be holding its Dig Pink Volley for a Cure volleyball game in an effort to raise financial contributions and awareness toward fighting cancer today when it hosts South Creek.
The school will be holding the contest for the second year in a row and the idea for the game was the brainchild of Northside coach Tami Wagaman, who came up with the notion for the contest in an effort to better involve the athletes in community projects.
“I started it last year because I wasn’t coaching and I could put it on for the other coaches and take that responsibility off of them,” Wagaman said. “I think it’s very important that sports teams do community projects and not just worry about the sport itself and give back to the community.”
Northside took on Southside in the inaugural Dig Pink contest and together the two teams raised over $1,500 in contributions.
The success of that outing led Northside to keep the game on its schedule.
“It’s gotten big,” Wagaman said. “At first we weren’t going to do it but everyone got upset about it and now we got more clubs wanting to get involved in it.
“It means a lot. It’s close to my heart. I think we all know someone who has cancer and a lot of my girls are very near and dear to this cause. Every little bit helps.”
Last year the Panthers got decked out in pink jerseys and this year the school is planning to once again provide an exuberant atmosphere.
“(The players) view it as a big game,” Wagaman said. “It’s Senior Night as well as Dig Pink and they have already gone out and sold a bunch of stuff to raise money and we will have the gym decorated in pink. They’re excited.”
Northside is hoping to match the success of last year’s contest and make the game an annual occurrence.
“I would love, love to keep it going,” Wagaman said.
The game is expected to start at 6 p.m. and those who can’t attend the contest but would like to contribute to the cause can contact Northside High School at (252) 943-6341.