Local Republicans say signs point to national win

Published 9:59 pm Monday, October 15, 2012

There are no more Romney/Ryan signs available in Beaufort and neighboring counties. Larry Herwig says that’s a good thing.
“We have won this state,” Herwig told fellow members of the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee at Monday’s meeting.
Herwig said that because Republicans were showing a lead in North Carolina, the national party is focusing funds on states like Florida and Ohio.
The committee invited Republican County Commission candidates to Monday’s meeting at the Mount Olive College Annex.
Candidates were allowed up to three minutes for presentations. Two candidates, Hood Richardson and Donald Dixon, attended the meeting.
As a conservative, Commissioner Richardson said he supported smaller government, less regulation, lower taxes and personal responsibility.
Dixon focused on cutting waste out of the county’s budget. Because of his experience in the sheriff’s office, he said he was most familiar with its budget.
“The Sheriff’s office could take $1 million out of its budget easily and it wouldn’t hurt them,” Dixon said after his presentation.
Dixon gave CALEA, the law enforcement certification program, as an example. He said cutting it out of the budget would save at least $160,000.
“It’s a giant scam that gives the sheriff something to brag about,” Dixon said.
After hearing from each candidate, the committee went into executive session to formulate its list of candidate endorsements. The list will be released sometime this week.
In other business, James Shiver and Jackie Maneval were nominated to fill open slots on the committee. Members heard from Maneval, who attended the meeting, and will vote after vetting Shiver, who was not in attendance.