Sound Off, Oct. 28

Published 6:13 pm Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


I agree with the Sound Off that said that we do have enough grocery stores. We have grocery stores that are nice grocery stores. How about us getting another retail store? How about a Rose’s or a Kmart? It seems like Walmart is our only shopping for reasonably priced everything that you could find in one store. Please let us get a Target or a Rose’s or something where people have a choice in what they buy. We have the number of population when you go to Bath, Belhaven, Pantego and outlying communities. Let’s see if we can’t rally and get a department store here.


I just got Tuesday’s paper on Wednesday, but that’s just because I useD somebody else’s paper. It says “revenue down three years straight in a row.” I wonder why it’s down and does it have anything to do with the all-saving bypass? I think it might.


I’m just one of the other racecar, NASCAR fans, and I would also like to see race results after each race in the paper.


The town of Belhaven will be sending a natural-gas survey to all town residents. This is your opportunity to express interest in natural gas for heating and some appliances. Natural gas is less expensive and more convenient than propane and will also result in lower usage of higher-cost electric power in the case of hot water and cooking appliances. The use of natural gas is in your long-range best interest.


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