Cayton looks to help unemployed

Published 11:28 pm Tuesday, October 30, 2012

County Commissioner Robert Cayton said unemployment is the biggest issue facing the residents of his district.
If elected to the state’s House of Representatives by district 3, he said he would work to improve education and transportation.
“With solid, good education, you will develop an atmosphere for good jobs,” he said.
Cayton said funding for education from the state was sufficient.
“All we need to do is determine that needs are met and determine what the needs should be,” he said.
Cayton is a firm supporter of fine arts and public libraries. He said the state should provide Internet access and opportunities outside the classroom for students and residents to learn.
He sees the arts as an “economic investment” because it aids education and attracts tourists. Cayton also said the state needs to look for ways to market North Carolina.
“We need to be sure that our students have an opportunity to experience solid libraries, solid museums and solid learning environments outside the classroom,” he said. “We need to be sure that, with tourism, we develop a strong, open environment for tourists.”
That open environment includes support of fine arts and waterfront attractions. Cayton said he supported ecotourism in Beaufort County.
Cayton said agriculture is a major industry in his district. He included commercial fishing in the category.
“We need to see what we can do to strengthen the agriculture industry, military and tourism. These are the three economic engines that strengthen North Carolina,” he said.
Because agriculture has been strong, Cayton said the state should look into why it is growing and help it continue to grow.
On the military front, Cayton said protecting Cherry Point is very important for the area.
“It is also important for the private sector that contracts certain jobs at Cherry Point,” he said.