Harding promoting a better commission

Published 10:19 pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

Running for county commissioner is not a new experience for Carolyn Harding. She ran in 1998, and won. Now she’s waited 10 years to run for a second term.
Harding has an agenda when it comes to the office of Beaufort County commissioner: to eliminate limited voting in Beaufort County, to support the construction of a new county detention center, to oppose any industry operation that would harm the environment, to support economic development and oppose local ferry toll increases — all this wrapped up in a promise to set politics aside to do what’s best for the citizens of Beaufort County and promote a better county commission: one that shows more respect for county employees and the public.
But when it comes to the top issues facing Beaufort County, Harding said two things come to the forefront: economic development and building a new county jail.
If elected, Harding said she’d work with and marshal county support for the new Economic Development Commission director, Bob Huets, in a bid to create more jobs in Beaufort County. Where she stands on the issue of a new jail is simple: a new jail should be built before a corrections officer or inmate gets injured, or a lawsuit is filed against the county.
“There will be a lawsuit if something is not done,” Harding said. “I’d rather spend the money than (have that happen).”
Harding maintains a new detention center should have plenty of room for parking as well as room to expand, which would not make it a good fit for downtown Washington.
Harding said she’d like to be a part of its construction as a commissioner: “I’d just like to be an asset to the county, whether it be with economic development or getting the jail built.”