Club news

Published 9:37 pm Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday Night Jamboree
It was Halloween recently at the Red Men’s Lodge in Washington when the Saturday Night Jamboree held its annual Halloween Carnival. Registrar Carolyn Jefferson and Tillie Braddy distributed games, tickets, and “treat pails” to 120 clients. Keepers of the door Russell Jefferson, Swindell Braddy and Harold Wayne Harris kept a watchful eye while Marlene Sprouse, Jamboree president, started the fun and lead the activities.The 10 booth sponsors and workers were as follows:
#1-Sponsored by Love Missionary Baptist Church, workers included Judy and Dalton Toler, Pat Turner, Louise Norman, Al Edwards, Pastor Doug Batchelor, Dot Batchelor.
#2-Sponsored by Katrina’s & Sherry, workers included Katrina & Sherry.
#3-Sponsored by Asbury Methodist Church, workers included Betty & Clinton Boyd, Beulah Woolard, and June Roberson.
# 4-Sponsored by Tillie Braddy, workers included Kaitlin Cutler and Taylor Boland.
# 5-Sponsored by Beaufort County Mental Health Association, workers included Pam Daw, Sandy Bragg, Kim Bragg, Elizabeth Stracher.
# 6 & 7-Sponsored by Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary, workers included Dan Sayers, Melba Sayers, Linda Berry, Patricia Ore, Wanda & Sandra Buck, Kodi & Steve Woolard, Grace Cox, Gaberial & Judy Singleton.
#8-Sponsored by Beaufort County Grange, workers included Velvet Avery and Kin Wood.
#9-Sponsored by Ogla Wallace, workers included Thomas & Nancy Boyd and Pauline Crisp.
#10-Sponsored by Bubbles the Clown, workers included Martha Seighman and Joyce Carawan.
Other caring volunteers helping were Elwood Sprouse, Joyce Carawan, Robert, Reba, and Guy Whitley, Pat & Kin Wood, Michael Cutler, Tine Woolard, Gilbert and Judy Garrett. DJ was Kenny Beacham. Refreshments and pizza were supplied by the Saturday Night Jamboree.
Prize winners for the best costume were: Judy Hollis, Lane Woolard, Jason Alligood and Rebecca Hardy. Door prize winners were: Frances Rogerson and Ronald Prichard.
The next Jamboree will be held Saturday, Nov. 10. All area mentally/physically-challenged residents and all volunteers are urged to attend. Contact person: Marlene Sprouse,  252-946-4350.

Down East Seniors
The Down East Seniors met at the Hampton Inn on Wednesday, October 24. President Jack Pyburn  opened the meeting at 10 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ed Sample led the singing of “America,” and Bobby Roberson delivered the invocation. Words of support were expressed for Ray Briley’s upcoming medical treatment. A card of condolences was signed and will be sent to Mrs. Doris Blount, whose husband, Tom, was a founding member of the Golden K and also of the Down East Seniors.
“Bo” Bowen introduced his speaker, club member Bobby Roberson, mayor pro-tem, who spoke on a number of significant issues currently facing the City Council, not to mention the residents of Beaufort County, including the future of the Turnage Theater, electric power rates, construction of new commercial properties, the EDC and the City Budget of $63 million.
Dan Olson conducted the 50/50 drawing, the winner of which was Ed Sample.