Write Again … As the journey begins to wind down

Published 10:00 pm Monday, November 12, 2012

As one’s journey nears its endpoint — and this is no ploy on this scribbler’s part to portray his life in overly dramatic (and embarrassing) fashion — a bit of taking stock is only natural.
When we see so many of our friends, neighbors, acquaintances, depart their earthly journeys, it’s only natural to reflect upon one’s own pilgrimage. To more truly understand there is more behind than there is ahead.
This is not morbid, or maudlin mental meandering. It’s simply recognizing the reality of the natural order of things. I suspect that most of you, kind readers, are part of a demographic (isn’t that a pseudo-intellectual word?) that doesn’t include too many really young folks. (I’m not about to put numbers to who is or is not “young!”)
Shoot. The really “with-it” technologically speaking are far too busy thumb-wise texting one another in an English language-killing “shorthand” to have time or the inclination to read, of all things, a newspaper. I would suspect Write Again doesn’t make it onto their tiny screens. Or into their consciousness.
As one takes stock, as they say, of his or her life, I would offer only this: don’t judge yourself too harshly. Don’t linger too long on “what ifs” and “I wish I had done that differently.”
Think of the good moments. The sweet experiences. Those things for which thankfulness should be the predominant memory emotion. We all have had such good experiences. I like to think that I am truly grateful for all those “sweet times” I’ve had on my journey. I suspect most of you are, too.
To the extent that health considerations allow, and circumstance permits, let’s try to complete the course with the proverbial “attitude of gratitude,” speak kindly to one another, do good to and for those less fortunate, and try as hard as we possibly can not to be so judgmental (especially in such prickly areas as race, religion, and politics).
There are such admonitions in more than just one faith tradition that admonish us to live in just that way.
So. Most surely this “Write Again” has run on quite enough.
Thanks for so indulging me.
As Andy would have said, “I appreciate it.”
APROPOS — “There is no wealth but life.”
— John Ruskin