Election results raise some Republican concerns

Published 9:32 pm Thursday, November 15, 2012


By Charles Hickman

Congratulations to the Democrats. They won some key races.
We Republicans do have some concerns. President Obama’s victory has made it very unlikely that we will see anything but the most radical version of Obamacare which is the result of a partisan bill that is much in need of modification to say the least. Also, our national economic environment is not conducive to job creation and job retention. The last two Supreme Court nominees have been alarmingly hostile to Constitutional principles. Future nominees are a grave concern to Republicans. This party is willing to work with the President, but we will not compromise basic principles.
We do congratulate our Republican candidates who won.  Walter Jones continues in the 3rd Congressional District. Rep. Jones’ position is important because the House of Representatives continues as the only branch of national government not controlled by the Democrats. It is also good to have a Republican governor after 20 years: Pat McCrory.  With a Republican governor, we can better continue the work of implementing sound policies that were begun two years ago by Republican leadership in the State House and State Senate.
It appears that Republican Council of State incumbents Steve Troxler (commissioner of agriculture) and Cherie Berry (commissioner of labor) will be joined by a new Republican Lt. Gov.: Dan Forest.
While we are excited about the Michael Speciale victory in N.C. House District 3, we are sorry to have lost the opportunity for strong, principled and coordinated representation that we surely would have had with victories by Bill Cook in N.C. Senate District 1 and Mattie Lawson in N.C. House District 6. Both lost by heartbreakingly close margins, but each won in Beaufort County  Joined by Norm Sanderson of N.C. Senate District 2, Eastern Carolina could have been well served regionally. Our committee considers that an opportunity lost.
The Beaufort County Commission has two new faces.  Democrat Robert Belcher has replaced the departed Democrat Robert Cayton, and Republican Gary Brinn received more votes than Republican Jay McRoy. The commission keeps the same party configuration. Grassroots Republicans continue to hope and pray for Republican accord and cooperation that will result in sound governmental practices in our county.
Mike Isbell ran unopposed in Beaufort County Board of Education District 9. We are disappointed that he will not be joined by Proctor Kidwell to represent District 5, but we are happy that Carolyn Walker in District 7 will join him.
Some of the political contests that we worked very hard for did not go our way, but the Beaufort County Republican Party will continue to work for the important principles that our country was founded on, so we can ensure the legacy of a great future for our children and grandchildren.
Charles Hickman is chairman of the Beaufort County Republican Party.