Sound Off, Nov. 17

Published 10:26 pm Friday, November 16, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

As for this proposed county occupancy tax that some people want, I believe Stan Deatherage and Hood Richardson are the only commissioners with some good sense. They really convinced me they have good sense. The rest of them — I don’t know.

When we get to be the country of North Carolina, who’s going to be the dictator or the king, and how are they, supposedly, going to support the people of this country?
Well, the election is over. So, let’s see how quickly Pat McCrory and the GOP lawmakers get jobs for all North Carolinians who need a job and to lower the unemployment rate here in North Carolina, which is so high. We are watching the Republicans to see how quickly they put those things that are most important to people in North Carolina (on their agenda), instead of women’s rights and other things that are none of their business.

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