Sound Off, Dec. 18

Published 11:46 pm Monday, December 17, 2012

So nice to see so many Sound Offs in Saturday’s paper. Please keep it up.

I have a tip for poinsettia longevity: start with a healthy plant, one with rich, green leaves — one that has not been packed in a plastic sleeve a long time. When you get it home, put in near a window or in the best light source and the coolest spot in your home. Water? One to two ice cubes per day, depending upon the size of your pot. I guarantee it will work.

The concert at the Civic Center the other night was wonderful, however, the seating was not. In the future, please have the Beaufort County Choral Society concert in a place where the seating is more comfortable and maybe you will have better attendance.

From the friends and families of all the nurses who go into work and take care of our loved ones in inclement weather, holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals, et cetera: we appreciate your dedication and commitment to your craft and your community. Keep up the good work, even if your job cut your pay by 5 percent and omitted only you, out of 10 establishments, for a holiday bonus.

I’m looking at the Washington Daily News’ Saturday paper in complete dismay. I cannot believe that those children killed in Connecticut that you do not have this as front-page news. Have y’all lost your ever-loving mind or do you just don’t care? You need to start reporting the news.

This is Sunday. I have just looked through the Daily News, and I do not like it. I can’t find anything and the print is too little. Please, go back to the way it was before.