Sound Off, Dec. 21

Published 11:08 pm Thursday, December 20, 2012

To the Grinches who stole our Christmas decorations from our front yard: we hope you have a merry Christmas because you were seen by the all-seeing eye, so you will have to pay for your crime.

I love this local newspaper, the Washington Daily News. I love the Sound Off column. Please don’t drop that. It gives you opinions of good, bad and indifferent from all the people. It’s great to read that.

To the lady who was with me in the emergency room the other night, I am very thankful for you praying for me. I just want you to know your prayers were greatly appreciated.

Why is it every time gas gets to $3.15 a gallon, they jack it back up? Why is the gas company so afraid to let the price of gas get below $3 a gallon? That’s just another form of price gouging.

I like the new look of the paper, but where is the What’s on Tap in the sports section so I know what’s coming on that night on TV. I hope you put it back.

Remember that Christmas is the celebration of our Lord’s birth. It’s a time for Christians to rejoice at God’s gift of his only begotten Son. The Messiah provides the greatest gift of all — salvation from our sins.

During upcoming Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations, please remember to not drink and drive. Call a cab or have a friend drive you home.