Students appreciate career day

Published 11:59 pm Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bath Elementary School students Olivia Roughton (left) and Kaitlyn Williams sample Watergate salad at this week’s career day. WDN Photo | Mona Moore


BATH — Bath Elementary School held a career day earlier this week. Organizers invited people to talk to students about what they do at their jobs.
They fielded questions, gave an overview of their professions and talked about their experiences.
Tony Krantz, minister of Beaver Dam Church of Christ, surprised students when he was asked about the questions and requests he receives.
“The most unusual request was to remove a skunk from a house,” he laughed.
Krantz said his sessions were full of good questions from the students. A  student asked him if he was ever asked something he didn’t know the answer to.
“If I can help the at all, the answer is always Jesus,” Krantz said.
Vic Cox, owner and chef of Fish Hooks in Belhaven, enlisted the help of students to prepare a Watergate salad. Students got to sample their concoction of pistachio pudding, pineapples and whipped topping.
“It was fun. I helped the chef cook, helped make pistachio pudding,” said fifth-grader Victoria Woolard.
Fifth-grader Zack Douglas said he learned something new from many of the guest speakers.
“We learned how they start  out making a boat,” he said.
Alyssa Wilson said she learned a lot from the session she attended with a pharmacist.
“I never knew anything about pharmacies,” she said.
Eighth-grader Destiny Barrow was pleased to see a graphic designer make a presentation.
She said it was a field she considered going into.
Eighth-grade student Kevin Barnett said he learned a lot from the session with Lt. Doug Bissette of Washington Fire-Rescue-EMS.
“I didn’t know you could use a bulldozer to put out a fire,” he said.
Bissette told students the best training for what he does is a good education.
“Experience is something we use today. Education is something we use in the future,” Bissette said.