Sound Off, Dec. 22

Published 9:47 pm Friday, December 21, 2012

For a local paper your “What’s up” is the most helpful thing you published. We really miss it. Thank you.

It’s too bad the Daily News does not have good spell check. On the front page of today’s paper, Dec. 21, our incoming Governor McCrory’s name is even misspelled. His proper spelling of his name is capital M-c-capital C-r-o-r-y. Get it right next time. Thank you.

This is Superman and my x-ray vision has gone out trying to read the Washington Daily News.

Just a tip, make sure you shred and tear up all paperwork, even of deceased loved ones. I lost my home to Hurricane Irene and sold what was left of it and had the trash carted off. But I my deceased relative’s social security number has been used at the Pitt County. So someone must have gotten hold of his social security card that was left over. Wish I would have torn it up. Now someone’s using it, doing God knows what. Just a little tip.

I think it’s great that the City of Washington tried to get people to decorate for Christmas by offering a prize. Fifty dollars off an electric bill ain’t much, but every little bit helps in this economy. The wreaths on Stewart Parkway look good too. By the way, the print in the paper is too small. You need to change it back to how it was. I can’t read it anymore.