Letters to Santa, 2012

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Mrs. McClain 2nd Grade–Bath Elementary (13 letters)


Dear Santa, how are you and your rendeer doing? how is the weather? thanks for the present you gave me last year. I liked my color on bear you gave me. I color on it a lot. My Nannie wants some cooking stuf so she can cook what I call desurt. I want a new barby 3DS game, a new Lipster game, and a lot of diforint kinds of movies, and lots more.

Your friend, Makayla Jones


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I would like a new DSI game for Christmas and a barbie doll. My brother would like an aircraft carrier for Christmas. Thank you for that Santa the bike that you gave to me last year.

Your friend, Madison Allen


Dear Santa,

Do you think it will snow? Can you get Ronan legos? Can you get me a computer and a wii set?

Your friend, Ricky Gibbs


Dear Santa,

How are you doing santa? And how are the reindeers doing? For my Grandma I want to give her $500 dollars. I want a pick up truck for Christmas.

Your friend, Tanner Woolard


Dear Santa

Do you like the cookies and milk last year? How is the reindeer doing? How is the reindeer doing? How are you doing too? My sister Devonia wants a blanket. She wants it to be warm. She likes warm blankets all the time. Santa can I please get a warm blanket too? I want a lalalapsey please too. I want a chihauhau too please. I want necklacee too please. I was two DS’s too.

Your friend, Autum Burrus


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Are the reindeer doing good and the elfs? Thank you for the things you brought me last year! Did you like the cookies that I made for you? Can you get my Mom a new lamp? And can you get my Dad a new pair of shoes? And can you get me a new pair of gloves?

Your Friend, Delaney Spain


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Thank you for the gifts you gave me last year. I loved them. Can you get Makyla Lynn Jones the same think like an ipod nano? I would like to have an ipod nano and makeup.

Your Friend, Abigail Swanner


Dear Santa,

How are you? Do you know if it is going to snow this year? I want a Play Station 3.

Your friend, Nathan Battershell


Dear Santa,

How are you? Are the reindeer good with you? Do you like to give toys to boys and girls? Can you give a PSP to my brother? He wants a PSP. I want a Wii u. I also want a 3DS.

Your friend, Diana Sanchez


Dear Santa,

How are you? I thank you for the wii last year. Is there going to be snow this year? Are you doing good with your reindeers this year? Can you give a iphone to my mom and give my dad a mp3 player and my sisters a bord. Can you give me a PSP, 3DS, Ipod touch, Ipad, a dirt bike, wii u, computer, and a diffrents moves.

Your friend, Carmen Elenes


Dear Santa,

Who are you doing at the North Pole? Who is the wether up there is it finde? Who is your reindeer doing? Can you give my little brother a happy christmas? Can you give me and my little brother a puppy?

Your friend, Jacquez Keech


Dear Santa,

Is it going to snow? Can Mrs. Mcclain have a Christmas Tree? Can I have a Puss In Boots V-Smile game?

Your friend, Damyon Swanger


Dear Santa,

How have you been? How are your reindeer? How are the elfs? How is Mrs. Claws? Oh and what are your reindeers named? Oh and can you do me a faver make sure that Jesus gets a loving Christmas? Thanks Santa oh and by the way I want a yorkie for Christmas.

Your freind, Hannah Baker


Ms. Lynnette Keel 2nd Grade–Bath Elem. (20 letters)


Dear Santa,

May I have a barbie doll fro Christmas, and a doll castle, too. I will leave some chocolate cookies and some hot chocolate. Do you think that would be yummy to you? And I would also like some more stuff for Christmas. And some stuff for my family, too… So here’s the list: A touchscreen phone, some barbie doll friend’s, a light up pillow and blanket, a bow and arrow, a dog that has a leash and walks by itself. A family quit for my family! And last of all a makeup and hair salon. Oh, almost forgot one more thing and here’s what it is: Some school supplies like some sissors, colored pencels, twistable crayons and a glue stick.

Signed Hailey A.


Dear Santa,

I won’t a xbox360, a gun, a gilley suit, a scope for my gun, and a zombie game. I hope Santa has a safe trip to a lot of houses. I hope I see Rudolph. And I want to see Santa. I want to see every reindeer. I need lots and lots of tools. I want a dirt bike too. And the last thing I want is a shutes and ladders. If you bring this stuff I will leave you cookiesys and I will leave the reindeer grits.

Signed Zack H.


Dear Santa,

Please let us have some snow. I want a Furby. I want a reindeer. I want a poy Royal. Monster High Dolls, and a Monster High Bike. I want a camouflage gun. I want a Build a Bear the Christmas Series). I want some new clothes I need new shoes. I need a another pair of jeans. I will leave you some sugar cookies and a glass of milk.

Signed Caelyn M.


Dear Santa,

I would like for Christ mas a Gocart, Xbox 360, a real elf, three thousand legos, and a Golf cart. Can you bring My brother some games and activites so Me and My brother can share? I love you! You are my friend Santa Claus! I’ll leave you some coco and cookies. Love your friend. I want a Elective train that is remote control.

Signed Ryder G.


Dear Santa,

You are a great Santa! You have a great big bag of toys. You have 8 reindeer. You have a lot of toys. You have more than 1000 Elves. You have a list of who has been bad or not. I would like a remote control helicopter, xbox 360, a DS, and a real fish tank. I have been a good boy this year. I have done a good job at school. I hope to see you soon!

Signed, Will T.


Dear Santa,

I hope I’m not naughty! I hope I’m nice! I want a lot of stuff! Here is what I want! PigPopper, Brave-the movie, Barbies Bueauty salon Set, Crayola Marker Airbrush, Colored Pencils, Camoflauge coat, Hair Acessoies set, Head Bands and Monopoly. I hope I get all that stuff! If I’m nice I have Cookies and Milk of the big counter! Have a Holly Jolly Christmas! And My sister and I would like a Cumputer!

Love Ivy C.


Dear Santa,

I hope you will come see me. I would like Some Duck Tape Camo, Camo sheets, Camo curtains, Halo Xbox 360, Darve Car, A DSI, Dsi Indan Jones, DSI Bat man, Green Bay Packers, Necklaces, Carolina Pathners Necklaces, Camo Necklaces, A ECU Dersey, ECU helmet, Xbox 360 Star Wars the Clone Wars, Boots, Duck Dynasty hat, H&H hat Xbox 360 hunting game, Carolina Shirt, Packers Shirts. I have been a good boy this year. I hope you think I have been nice. I will leave you milk and cookies under the Chirstmas tree. I love you Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

Signed Austin A.


Dear Santa,

I want 2 Star Wars Transformers Obi-one Konobe and the Camandrer one and a forwiller with a headlight on the front. Would you please answer these questions. How do reindeer fly? How could your sleigh carry 10000 presents? Why are the Christmas colors red and green? Is black a Christmas color? How could you travel by the speed of light? How old are you? What is your favorite cookie? Do you have a giant Christmas tree?

Signed Landon D.


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a skate board and I want a Lego (the police force). And if you do I will make you cookies. Santa; can you get my baby sister a baby doll that walks. Can you please get me a Tablet so I can play games? I would also like a camouflage case for it. Can you get my older sister something? She wants a new phone. The one she had was lost. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


Dear Santa,

I want a 246 gun, a cross bow, WWE13, game a scope for my new gun, a big Sky Lander’s Giant, and some bullets for my new gun. I will leave you some milk and cookies on The kitchen counter. Say hello to Comet and Rudoph for me!

Signed David W.


Dear Santa,

Can you please get me a 3DS and DSI, computer, please? I want a Xbox, and a big toy snake. Would like to have pencils for school but I really hope my Dad will come home for Chrstmas soon. He is a Marine. Please bring my little brother a Nook. He wants to play with it. and draw pictures on it. He will like a I pod too. I will like a lots of pants because I’m running out of pants. Can you get my brother a DS? I will like a real reindeer.

Signed Joseph D.


Dear Santa,

I want toys I want everything! I don’t want dolls. Santa can you buy my some book? Can I have a reindeer? Santa I want some school supplies. I will leave some cookies on the table. Can you get me a teddy bear? I want one so I can sleep with it. I will see you at Christmas!

Your Friend Karley Harris



Dear Santa,

Why do you have a red coat? Why do you wear a red hat and ride a sleig with reindeer? I would like Snake Bite (the monster truck), a remote control helicopter, a motorcycle you dive, and a lot of pencils for school. I will leave you some Gingerbread cookies under the. Your friend Charlie Woolard


Dear Santa,

I want a Sky Lander for Chrismeis and a Helicopter and I want a threeps and I will leave cookies on the counter.

Signed Marion C.


Dear Santa,

I want an electric train, model air plane, some school supplies, some neon orange shoes and two flashing lights that spin two windows and doors and 20 window panes for the tree houes, an iPod, an change my golf cart, and ECU stickers for my wall and I want to see Molly in heaven and I want an X-box 360. I hope you have a merry Chrismas!

Signed Your friend Zane B.


Dear Santa,

I want a laptop for christmas. I Love Santa and I want a tamp. My favorite holiday is December. I Love December! I think I am not naughty! I think I am nice! I Love you santa! If you leave me a lot of toys I will live you some cookies. I want a dog, I want a nail set that Makes My nail sparkle!

Signed Harley D.


Dear Santa,

I want a Nintendo and I want it purple. Will you give one boot and shoese! You’re the Nicest Santa in The Whole Wide World! I want some teddy bears like two of them. I want a pink present. I want some nike Shoese Thank You Santa! thank you! Oh and I want some pencils and som crayons for school.

Signed Flor V. P.


Dear Santa,

I want a pump shot gun, a reindeer, a beard, a hunting game, and a xbox 360. Oh can I have a fighting DS game 3D? I would like a Playstation 3 also. Please bring a Zombie XBox game too. I will leawe you some sugar cookies Bring my sister a rattle a toy. Hawe a Holly, Jolly Christmas!!

Signed Tres C


Dear Santa,

I want a planstatin 3, a dirt bike a Snake Bite Monster Truck A Graue digger, picture, a Green Bay Packer jersey elban pads and helmet I want a Tommy Hawk Gun and a remote control helicopter. I want some Cowboy boots, so I can ride my pony. I will leave you some cookies and a can of Red Bull.

Signed C.J.A.


Dear Santa,

You are a graet friend to me. You are the best Santa I ever had. You are the coolest Santa we ever had. I hope I am not naugthty. I hope I am nice. I have been really good in school. At home I have been really good too. Some times I cry because I miss Dimples. She got hit by a car. I am oky. I am done crying about my dog Dimples. I am trying to stop crying about my mom. Every time my mom stays some where I state to break out. This I will cry about my mom. I want a idpad, a baby waddle walk with me, a barbie shop, and a pet shop. Thank you for the presents.

Signed Kiara


Mrs. Lynda Woolard–J. C. Tayloe (11 letters)


Dear Santa Claus,

I want a Cutie pop and a Barbie dream house. I want a Hannah Montana gutiar and a new Monster High doll and Baby Butter Scotch. I want a Blingles Set and a paint set, make-up, some nail polish and I pad, ZuZU pets. A new kittin at dads and a puppy for moms. Color splashers a DSI the Wii game Just Dance 4. love, Zoe


Dear Santa

hi My name is terri? if You could please bring me lots of toys big and small thank you.

Momy bady

Terri Gorham


Dear Santa Claus,

I want a iPad for christmas. I want my iPad to have a case that you can put on the back of the iPad. I want a movie of the hunger games. When you come to my house I will leave you milk and cookies so you can eat them in my house. I want a chapter book, I don’t care what chapter book it is. I love you Santa Claus

Love Yineth Guerrero Antonio


Dear Santa Claus,

All I want for Christmas is an ipod and remote control car. The hole collection of Magic Tree House books. Get one “DC” hat. Don’t let me have any homework for two weeks. Santa Claus I am leaving you some cookies and milk. Santa please make my dream’s come true. (ALso I would love to have an XBox and Kinet).

Love Corey A Jones Jr


Dear Santa,

I want a DSI. And a Dog toy, And a card DSI. And a seed pot and a seed

Love, Brenda Jimenez


Dear Santa Claus

Please can you bring me a pink computer and a unicorn dream lite. And please make sure you bring some toys to all my fireds that don’t have very much stuff. I will put ouf some cookies and eggnog for you because I know that’s your favorite. Oh and I’m going to leave the reindeer some food too!

Love always Desirae Carawan


Dear Santa Claus

I would like a mp3 player, a gift card, some Barbies and a bat set. I love Christmas and you. Merry Christmas Santa!

Love Kayla F.


I want black ops 2 for Xbox 360 and a pogo stick. I wont 2 K 13 baseball. I want Assassans creed 3. I want Need for Speed most wanted. I want a flat scren Tv. The End.

Love Stanlant JaQualier Wilson


Dear Santa claus

for Christmas I want to have a drumset and dolls. I will lay out some milk and cookies and carrts for the deers but I want to see you in real like so as the deers. Some people don’t belive in Santa Claus and am wakeing up early. And I want a picture of you and the deers and elves and your wife. I have a elf goes to JC Tayloe and if I go to school can you please send me a note. I will be pleased about that. And tell all the people that I love them. I want forget the deers.

Love Ornisha Norman


Dear Santa:

all I whant to have for Christmas is and xbox 360, and grand theif arto IV game for the xbox 360, dirt bike, the Avengers lego box, Sniper Score bebe gun, tox remote hellocopter, transformers lego pack, fuller willer, pantball fun, 8 boxes of lazer tag cloths and lazer guns, mega bloks Halo, Imaginext eagle talon castle, Slurpee drinkmakes, Imaginext Samurai castle, Imaginext battle Arena, K’nex Mario Kart will matio and donkey knog building set, kre-o transformers battle for energon, 2-px.xploderz face off blasters, lazer tag, Skylanders Giants starter pack, skylanders characters, skylanders giants characters, skylanders core character, skyLanders spyro’s Adventure carrying case, Helicopter I love Dixen blisten rudogh Dancer prancer cupied

Love you Santa, Logan


Dear Santo Claus,

May I hav a skatebord and a wiiu will a moremow gean and gak and a slaybell foem your slay and I swon to goto the Norw Plou.

Love your friend Jayden


Mrs. Waters–J.C. Tayloe (17 letters)


Dear Santa

I have really been good this month. I want a wight gold cart, a glode, a scooter, a new cristmas star, a new laptop, a new DS and a new 3DS and also a new t.v. Thank you Santa

Your friend, Donavin S. Mason


Dear, Santa

I have bine good this year. I won’t a phone and tthat is wut I wont. I wont a remote comtralled and a Ameren girl.

Your frand Teona


Dear Santa Claus,

I had a great year. I want a 3DS for Chrismas and I want a remoted controll car, a computer, Call of Duty black Ops, remoted controll helicopter and I pod.

Your friend Kyante Moore


Dear Santa, I what a xbox 360 and a American Girl and a Santa toy and a Teddy bear. I love for you to come and geve toy’s to all the chillren. I love Chrismas.

Your, firend, Nevaeh


Dear Santa, I have been good this week. When you come to my hous I will make you some cookis. I want a punching bag. and a fourweeler. that is all I whant. thank you. the end Merry Christmas

Love Rakiyus


Dear Santa

I have been good this year. I have tried to be good this year. I have really been good this week. I hope you got me a makeup set, jewelry box, a camer, and a computer.

Merry Christmas Tygsah


Dear Santa,

I ben good this yeat I won’ a xbox cannet for christmas then I won’t some more calone because I can smell good and a remote controll cat and bump bed or a water bed and Lego city and a batman house and some new shouse into I can’t fit them any i’m going to tell you my size is a size five. I won’t Jorden shouse.

from Jayquan


Dear Santa

I have been good this year, I want a T.V., a computer, clothes, a remoted controlled car, water bed, 3DS, Ipod, Tablet, Kindle Fire, drums, punching bag, and chcolate, birt bike, Fourwheeler.

Your frind Holden Le Hudnell


Dear Santa

I hade really been good this month. I whant a lottop and a I Pod. I whant to be a good stuened in my room. I whant some clothes, book so I can make a hunderd orn my AR Test. I whant a water bed. I have a new car. I whant to be Respectful, Responsible, ready to learned. I whant a bike, kindle fire. Happy Nerry Christmas

Your friend, Jesmery Lug-Tirado


Dear Santu Claus

What I want and christmas is a lay and a dump truch. mery christmas!



Dear Santa

all I want for Games is Call of Duty blak ops the now one and a kindle fire and a eletre dork boord and toy gons and a rmocntol helcpter. “yor frand Huntor”



Dear Santa

I wot a Xbox 360, and a 3DS four christmas

your friend Jayden


Dear Santa,

I won’t a Barbie IPod Tablet Pink Camera Kindle Fire Computer waterbed Phon a Baby with a bed My onwn room and I want a American Girla dn I want her to have blonde hari and snow close and headPhones and I want a Barbie with a Pink Car and also I want a Pink tablet And I Want a Pink and Blue Bike and a Blue Waterbed and a Pink tv and I want 5 Barbies and a casol and diffenert Place for them and I want the sims game and I want a hundred dollars Bel and I want 38 prents and I want a jewelry box with a lot of jewelwry and I want a ring neckles and a kobraced and I want a Pink will with a Pink and White mokuchlol and I want a Pink 3DS and alot of games.



Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. I have been nice too. I want a cumputer,. I want a tablet too. I  am one of the best kids in my class room. I hope you have a nice trip around the world. I hope you have a nice Chistmas!

You Friend Bryan


Dear Santa Claus,

Santa I want a Camera Barbie, Kindle fire, IPad, Tablet, Computer, Teddy bear for christmas. I love you will you bring my brothers something? Get them a Ds for christmas. And last but not least I was a DSI. Have a merry and safe flight.

P.S. Merry Christmas Santa I love you so, so, so much

Love your best Pal, Kylie Serelle Blake


Dear Santa,

I have tried to be good this year I want a computer, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, X box 360, a new controll that gose with Station 3, a four wheeler.

Your friend, Cameron


Dear Santa I have really been good this week. I want a reborn baby doll and a lap top. I am older now Santa.

Your friend Kasidy


Mrs. Bowen 2nd Grade–J. C. Tayloe (18 letters)


Dear Santaclos,

I had been good at home. What I want for chrimas is a little puppy dog. I will leave some cookies and choclet and some milk. I will leave ten cerets for your reindeer. I will leave you a little hang up toy. I love your reindeer a lot Santaclos and your presents. They are so cute and wunduful Santaclos and I wish to be Santaclos. What I do at home is I wash the dishes, clean my room, car. Those things are the things I do at home all the time. I love you so much Santaclos a lot! You are the best and the great santaclos int he wold. You are the toy Santaclos I want in the holl wold. I wish I cold be with you Santaclos. Do you love me Sanaclos? I know that you love me Santaclos. My baby sister wants a reindeer Santaclos. My mom wants a little puppy. My Dad wants a little cat with dots. My brother want a little chirsmas tree. Wold you bring that Santaclos please.

Love, Diana


Dear Santa,

I been good. I like Christmas. I like Santa. And football. I Love Christmas. I am nice. I want a 3DS And a bike.

Love, Chris


Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. I would like a x box 360. I would also like a bike and legos. I would mostly want a phone and would like a peianio and thats all i want and i forgot a slushy magic kit and play dough.

love, Michael


Dear Santa clos,

I was good in class. I lisin to my teacher. I was a stutent That was Good. Pleas bring my a gutar with flawers. My brother let me sleep with hem. I sleep goood. haha. anyway can you bring me stompes that look like a unicorn. And a bream lite that looks like a unicorn. And for last Bring me a computer. Love you Lots. Santaclos Pleas do not bring my Dad nothing he was throwing down chars.

Love, Megan Murdock


Dear Santa,

Santa I will try to be good this year. I will try to be the goodest boy in the wourld. If you come to my house please bring me a X box and a Nintento 3DS.

Love, Owen


Dear Santa,

I ben good this yeat. For Chrismas I want a kindel and boots. Have I ben good this year. I want a magic 8 ball miney key chain alarm clock.

Love, Miles


Dear Santa Claus,

I’v been good this week at home I was been told what to do and I did. I fix my bed and all that stuff. I want you to bring me presents like money and more money and a car and a dirt bike and a train set. I will leave choalot chip cookies and cholalat milk and otmeal for you reindeers.



Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. I have helped my mom wash the dishes, clean the rooms and cool. And what I want for Christmas is a video game, a pet and barbie dolls. I will five you choclate chip cookies, mile and carrits for your raindeers. And I also wont pratend pocketbooks. those are the only things that I really want for Christmas. And whit I really really what for Christmas is family!

Love, Celeste


Dear Santa Claus,

I have been extra good this year. Please bring me some black boots for Christmas. I was a moxie girl doll and a bike and some fake makeup and hair peaces for me to wear. And a Hello Kitty makeup set and I will leave out a cookie and milk for you and a carrot for your rein deer don’t make it hard on your self.

love, Hannah


Dear Santa, I have bean a good girl this year. I did good things like I do my chores and I help do the kitchen. I want for chrismas is a new bike and a fake bebe gun that shoot fake boolits. I was a new peaona. I want a lap top. I want a pear pad. I am going to give you some mac and dandyom choclate cookies and some carrits or apples for you reindeer. I hope you have a nice chrismas.

Love, Ja’kemia


Dear Santa,

I have bean a good girl all this year. and I want a pear pad 3. and a want a barbie who take pictures and I do to giving you sum mikll for you and sum dier food for dier.

Love, Ashley


Dear Santa Claws,

I was trying to be good the whowl year. This what I watn for crismus I wuns a I-pud and a shouder book pack that has hannan matann on it andI want my own bed toom and my own bathroom. and I want hannan matann all over my bedroom and my bathroom and I want a Kichimn set and a drum set and I want to see the big time rush song on a canscart pleas bring me thoes thaing that I have up here!!!!! And I save you some cookeisi and some milke for you Sant and Tell mrs Sant Claw I said tell the elvs I said Hey!!!! And I want a peul set If you don’t kown what’s a peul set is a grat set Love you tell the mrs. Sant I said hey!!!!!!! and tell the evls I said Heey!!! too

Love, Tanasia


Dear Santa,

I want Maden 12 and I want a X box360 and I want a hat and a power srooter. Thoech you Santa and I want a dog. the end

Love, Luck


Dear Santa,

Dear Santa I wot a toy car. And I wot my mom to get a new car. din I will lev cook and mic. din one day i got a as two 2. din I got a in. Two 2. din I got a as. Two 2. din I got a as Two 2. And mare cimi Dear Santa. And happey New.

Love, AJ


Dear Santa,

I been good I help my mom clean the bedroom. and i want for christmas is a doc mis Duffin Doll. and a pink purple and blue makeup set. one angle Barbei and a pink sut case with coloring stuff in it and a high school music makeup  set. and about the doc mis duffin doll i want the mote book with it’s Docter stuf to. I love you Santa and I’m very nice. I like you in the Hole Would. and I like your rainderr. in a happy year.

Love, Brandy


Dear Santa,

I have been doing what my teacher told me to do. When she told me to be good i be good. And what i want for chrismas is a bike and a I-pad. I will try to leave some cookys. I will alway try to do my best everywhere I do. I will never ever be bad again! I will not pick on any body not even if they pick on me. I will just walk about and tell a teacher. and they will get in trouble. I will not get in trouble

love, your zion


Dear Santa,

I want a dog and a baby sister for Chirstmas. Can you give me some hight hills cause my mom want give some. P.S. can you give me baby brother some toys and some sense. Thank you.

Love, Chanel


Dear Santa Claws,

I’ll try to be good. Please bring me a gitartare, mikerphone and a drumset. I ‘ll do anything! I will try to be good I’ll clean up around my house, I’ll help my mom with the baby, I’ll help my mom cook, I’ll do all my homework!!!! I’ll help wash my sister and help wash dishes. And I want a girl bunny and a boy bunny.

Love, Takeyha


Mrs. Copeland 2nd Grade–JCT (12 letters)


Dear Santa,

I want a WiiU for Christmas. Can you please bring my baby sister, Maddie, a baby doll? I would also like a few things from my list, like Legos, games and a flicker scooter. Also please make sure every kid gets a toy.

Your friend, Steven Whitford


Dear Santa,

I want a PSP veara for Chrismas. I want a bike. I want a leap forg. I want a iPod five. I want a Pillow pet.

Love, Justin


Dear Santa, You go around carring a big heavey sack. It is fill with toys. Some kids leav out some milk and cookies. You will have to leav out raindeer food for the raindeer. There is a raindeer that has a shiny red nose. Santa has a red coat and a little hat. What I want for Christmas is a 3DS. I want a play kittchen. I want a bike and some clothes and some shoes.

Sincerely, Derrick


Dear Santa Claus,

I want a Dream Lire pillow pet. And also a Lala Loopsey doll, Baby Alive Doll, clothes, and shoes. Merrry Christmas.

Love, Eugenay Byrd


Dear Santa,

What I want I for crismas is a White Ipod touch Make sher it has gams videos and music if it doesent dont worry.

From Ashley R.


Dear Santa,

Hot Wheels bat Man toy Trans formers toy bike pants spider man toy basball bat basball Miss Dasy is crazy book Ninja toy Mr. Klutz is Nuts Monster truck T-shirt Shoes Spongebob Squarepants chrismes movie Racing toy car

Noe Espinoza


Dear Santa Claus,

you are the best. It’s because you bring us lots of presents. They are very good presents. But if you are bad you will not get any presents once Santa Claus gave me a cool Scooter. What I want for my fish is a big fish tank. Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Jesus is God’s son. I hope that everybody gets what they ask for. The End.

Your friend, Luke Brown


Dear Santa,

I want a NC State Sign to put on my door. I want it to say “do not come in.” This is I want next. I want a big ball that I can roll in. I want it to say Maning on it because my last name is Manning. Finally I want a golf cart. I will ride it all around my neighborhood it will be fun. I want it to be green because that’s my favorite color.

Love, Elizabeth M.


Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a puppy. Hear let me tell you what kind of puppy I want. I want a pit bowl. Can you give me a boy? Santa are you takeing care of the elfs? I going to ask you one more question are those cookies good? I hope you get this. Check and see if I’m on the nice list.

Your friend, K’naysia R.


Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for all that you do for the world. Thank you for all the presents you give us. You do a lot for us. This year I want a Kindle Fire and a tv. So I can watch tv and read books on my Kindle Fire. I hope you have a saf flight Cristmas Eve.

Sincerely, Sidney S.


Dear Santa Claus,

Can you give me a clock and a trucnk and a spiedr-man hat and a ball and a car with a mocercholer and I love you Santa.

Kamari B.


Dear Santa,

I want a playstation 4 and a DS. I want a xbox and a scooter. And a skateboard and a bike. I want a blayblades and money. I want a WWE raw cage. I want a Lego nindago the blue one and white one and green one and black one and red one. I want just dance 4 for a Wii. I want a 3DS. I want Call of duty for a playstation 4. I want 4 Wii remotes for a Wii. I want Super Mario Bros 2.

Love, James


Bennett–JCT (7 letters)


Dear Santa Claus,

I’ve been good this year. I beileve in you. I want sneakers, a puzzle with a kitten and a set of colorful goo. I can’t wait for Christmas! I hope it snows this year. December is my favorite month and Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Love, Stephanie


Dear Santa Claus,

I would like a dirt bike for Christmas and a dirt bike track in my yard. I would also like a bike ramp. thank you

Love, Emma Holloman


Dear Santa,

I have been really good this year. What I would like for Christmas is a cupcake maker, Ladybug Scooper and Blingles. Don’t forget my brother. What he would like to have is cowboy boots, cowboy rope, and a cowboy outfit. He has been very good also. See you Christmas Eve.

Love, Shaelee


Dear Santa,

I am connor. I want a big soccer goal to practice kicking the ball in the goal. I want a metal detector to get coins.

Love, Connor


Dear Santa Claus,

I want everything ECU and I want everything just football. I want NFL things. I want all the magic tree house books. I want my own bingbag. I wish that it will snow alot and we can build snowmans. I wish I can have a Bears footabll. I wish I can have 100 dollars. I want more gogoes. I wish I had a new Dsi. I wish I had a naise talking Battle ship game.

Love, Austin Cherry


Dear Santa,

I want a nintendo DS of Mario. So I will play with my friends, we can have three players or five players but when it will be chrismas I will give you a milk and a cookie in December 25. do you have in Daily news?



Dear Santa,

I want a holiday outfit, desk, bike and car for my doll Kit. A new American girl doll named McKenna with a gym set and wheelchair for my dolls. I also want an android tablet with a pink case. Hello Kitty pin, clothes, night gown and Barbie clothes. Santa can you make sure everyone has food and a warm home too.

Erin Elizabeth Everett


Mrs. Karen Moore–JCT (18 letters)


Dear Santa,

I’m looking forward to Christmas this year. What I Christmas is a Barbie princess castle with all the princesses and princes, big eyes animals, hair kit, kitchen set, Baby alive, monster High girl, wii, and a go cart.

Love, Lindsey Y.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christamas this year. I want a plane that flies in the air. And play station 3. I want an i pad and an iphone. And a bike. I want a scooter. So I can ride it. And a blade. I want a netendo 3DS. I want a big TV. I want clothes, pants, and shirts And the last thing I want for Christmas is a big Bouncy house.

love, Eduardo R.


Dear Santa

I am looking forward to Chrismas this year. I want a twenty two gun. I want a pair of boots that fit me. I really want a Play station. I also want a iPod.

Love Marshall A.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I want a surface iPad. I want a touchscreen Phone. I want a picture machine. I want a lap top. I want a batting cage. I want a baby alive. I want a pointer. I want a chalk board. I want a konnet game and just dance game. I am so excited about Christmas.

Love, Adrikiyana F.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. For Christmas I want a bike, a Nintendo DS, and a phone.

Love, Naeem G.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I would like a Barbie and a ferbe. I would also like some squtwinkies this year. I am excited about Christmas.

Love, Lauren H.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I want the all train helicopter with wheels and I want the micro charger car and I want a pull back car. I would like lots of good surprises.

Love, Zack F.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I Want a baby doll. I want a big tv. I want a DxL for Christmas. I also want a bed for Christmas. I want a puppy for Christmas.

Love, Ariana D.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Cristmas this year. I want bey blade stealth battelers, a 3dsXL, Monoply Millionare, Super Mario bros 2, Super Mario bros U, and a twister dance.

From, Ryan A.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christamas this year. I want alot of games this year. I want to see my uncle. Then go to wet’n’wild. Then I would like to get a real monkey.

Love, Jaheim B.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I want a Nentendo DS and an IPhone for Christmas.

love, Nazier M.


Dear Santa,

I am lookine for ward to Christmas. I want my two front teeth, a wrestler toy, and a superheroe toy for Christmas.

love, Davione T.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I want a new robot and a Super Mario bros two for my three DS. I also want a water gun and a new pirate ship toy.

Love, Rogelio M.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I want 2 Monster high dolls, Moster high Clothes and a 3DS.

Love, Marissa A.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas. This year I want a toy mustang and a motorcycle and a four wheeler. I cant wait four Christmas

Love, Hunter


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I want a doll house, a Justin Bieber doll too. Also I want a big car that I can ride and two monster high dolls too. And I want a password journal that is pink and red. And my last thing is a skate board that is blue.

love, Caitlin M.


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to Christmas. I want a remote truck and trailer, dump truck, front end loader and a 4 wheeler. I cant wait in til Christmas. a realy 4 wheeler

Love, Michael B.


Dear Santa,

I am look forward to christmas this year. I want a IPad of Nook. I want a Barbie castle. I want a Kitchening set. I want a new pai of shose. I want a new of pants and shrits. I want a toy cash register. I want a bike and a baby set.

Love, Janmiyah


JCT – Mrs. Warren – 2nd Grade (5 Letters)


Dear Santa,

I hope your elfs are working hard on presents.  I also wondered if I was good for christmas! For Christmas I whannted a reborn doll-baby alive, orbzz & orbz cleaner & the lady bug, 3ds and the games with it, and last a drawing kit and any thinge alse you whant! To: U

Love Delaney O’Brien =)


Dear Santa Claus,

I want a barbie doll, a wii, a new phone, a new tv, some pink high heel boots, a new xbox 360, a new bookbag, a play station, a new computer, a Ipad5.



Dear Santa Claus,

I WOULD like to get a iPad, for Christmas so i can play with my cusin or, and frens thank you for the ipad the end Santa 🙂


Dear Santa Claus,

I have seen lots of childrens that have the true Christmas spirit.  We’ll this is what I wan’t for Christmas.  I want a Ryback, John Cena, Cm punk and a Shawn Michael’s toy.  And a X Box 360, a new Saints and Kansas city bed, a football, a kool toy and a 4wheeler.  And I really, really, really want this present here it is I want to see you please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your friend JJ


Dear Santa Claus

I want for Christmas is a Xbox 360 and games for my Xbox 360 and games for my Wii and new bed for me and my brother and a football hat and new shoes and money and a new tv and everybody have a nice Christmas.

Love Antonio Brown



JCT – Cassie Moore (14 Letters)


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is Rudohlph doing? Is Rudohlph’s nose still light and bright? Santa may you please bring me a doll 3 feet inch. and a figit. And how are your elves.  Also can you send us a girl elf name Candy please Santa.  And I am thankfull for all the things you have done for me.  And you can bring me any kind of toy you want me to have.  And can you bring my boncy the play dog.  Cause if you do I will love you to death.

I love you, Haley Whitley


Dearr Santaclaus,

How are you doing? How is Rodolph doing? Were is you’r elfs? Are they making toys? listen I’ve been Responsidle.  I’ve bad a little.  I was just wondering if I could take a helacopter to the North Pole so I can see you and your elfs and Rodolph.  Can you send an elf to my classroom.  Just one single elf.  Can you help me with my homework.  You are very Important to me and my family.  So so very loveful to me .  I whant to wish you and your elfs and rodoph and other rainders happy Cristmis.

Love, Jamauel


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is Rudolph doing?  It is hot sometime at the North Pole?  Can I have a Ipod and a phone and a Ipad? Can I have a puppy?  Can I also have some makeup and some gulre?  Can I have a big desk in my room?  Can I have some clothes?  Can I have lots of shoes santa? But I still want toys?  Can you also leave me some cookies?  Can I have the talking bird that is at Petsmart it is rainbow?  Can I have some sorts and pants?  Can I have a nightstand? Can I have some candy also?

I love you, Ava Mizell


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is Ruddph doing? Is it going fine? How do you deliver thousands of presents in one night? But I’m glad you was made because sometimes I get to see you and three things thank you for the present and can I have a Babarie dall with a camara and I hope you have a fabules Christmas.

Love, Rod’Dedria


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? Are you exited about Christmas cause I’m exited to.  I do’nt care what I get for Christmas.  I do have a list of things but you do’nt have to get what’s on there.  But were still having trouble with our Christmas tree.  But my sister think’s it’s funny touching Tom some and Abby tell our parents and my big sister gets in trouble sometimes and she’s always late for school in the mornings manday through friday.  All the time at our house.

Love, Connor Lewis


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is Rudolph doing? What is sam saying about me? Please can I have a Air soft gun.  I relly want a tica rod.   Please Santa can I have lazer tag.  I relly want a cookie maker.  I want a ice cream maker.  Preaty please can I have a blezered maker.

Sincerely, Ethan May


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is Rudolph doing?  May I have a Scobby Doo Scatebored and a pottry makeing kit and fuzzy socks.  And a machenu amarcen girl doll.  And a laptop with a wedcam.  And a Dr. Dreful Crazzy candy makeing kit and a cotten candy crazzy flaver kit.

Love, Abby Lewis


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is Rudolph doing? I have ben good in school.  Is it cold at the North pole.  Can I have a ipad and a Laptop and a ipad touch and a telpanh and a new baby gril that is a baby jolie and a creb tha ta rell baby sleep’s in and I wan’t two of them please santa claus and a ice crem macer and a pop cone macer please Santa claus

Love, Haley


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is rudolph doing? I love you for all the things you do for me.  I want a ipod for Christmas and nail polish and areal slussy maker and a real touch strean phone. an da iPad.  I have been good in class and I dont lie I tell the truth. I want a real cake maker for Christmas and a computer and may my parents have a new car.  and I want a 3ds for christmas and a wii and a real cokkie maker for christmas.  I lestin to my parents and a psp.  and clorses. real chwowo.

I love you, Donquane


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is Rudolph doing? Is Rudolph nose still red? I been good so I think I deserve a present.  I listen to my parents.  I want books to read and read.  I want the hair thing and the barby.  I want a purpple ipod 5.  I want a purpple bike.  I want a doll for christmas.  I want a ipad too.

I love you, Cristal Tellez


Dear Santa Clauus,

Dear Sant Claus, How are you doing? How is Rudole doing? Is his nose still red? Is it cold at the northpole? How are your wife and elves doing? I am good at school.  I respect my parents.  So I deserve 3 beyblades a purple ipad 5 a hyper bike and a pillow pet.  I listen to my teacher well so that’s why I told you to give me all those things.  I love you If you give me 3 beyblades a purple ipod and a Hyper Bike and a pillow pet.  I want those toys becaus I like to ride a Bike.  And the last thing is candy in a sack.  I love candy too! I love you,

I love you, Almir Ramirez


Dear Santaclaus,

How are you doing? How is Ruddlph doing? Is it cold at the Northpole? Ware is your elvs? Plaes can I get a ipod.  A wii and a xbox360.  A shut gun a air sute gun. A pistol a moster thuck.  A boy wig a toy.  a mokcantroll spyter and Black cops Ds game.

I Love you, Matther Dixon


Dear Santa claus,

How are you doing? How is Rudolph doing? I will be repectful to my mother.  I will not take dack to my teacher.  I be nice to my friend and cussein to.  I wan’t a DS game Power Rawog DS game P13 street fight.  And a xbox knac football gam.

I love you, Johnathan Fields


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? How is Rodolphdoing? How is Mrs. Claus doing? Do you have a son.  I want a psp and a new bike and a ds and X box 360.  Gutiat

I Love you, Miguel James


Mrs. Smith’s 2nd Grade Pungo Christian Academy (9 Letters)


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a Kindle fire XD, Because I can play games on it, But I will not get it wet!  And I can take Pictures.  And I will play Temple Run.

I want a pink camera so I can take pictures.  And when I open it I can video this Christmas.  And my Mom will helpme.  And I can print out a deer picture.

Love, Abbey Cutler


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a laptop.  And I would love to have a gift card to Macy’s.  And I hope you leave me a kindle fire.  I hope you leave me a Hd Tv.  And I would love some candy.

Love, Destiny Midgette


Dear Santa,

This year I want a 3D Tv.  And I also want a kindle fire HD.  And I also want grain truck too.  And the book Duck Dynasty and money 🙂

Love, Michael Morgan


Dear Santa,

I can’t wait for you to come!  Can I have a Kindle Fire? I want a DS please.  And a new Barbie House.  And a Rifel please.

Love, Reagan Stoop


Dear Santa,

I am happy you are coming to my house. I want a IPod touch five (blue).  And a apple laptop.  And a rabbit.

Love, Bailey Cox


Dear Santa,

I want a new bbgun.  I want a dirt bike.  I want a pet Frog and Frog food.  I want a big bone for Bella.  I want a teacup dog and I want it to be a girl.  I want a bunny rabbit.  With bunny food.  Love:  Tucker Williams


Dear Santa,

I cant wait for you to come.  Can I get a four wheeler please.  Can I get a DSI and I pad touch.  A paint set.  And a gocart please, thank you.

Love, Avery O’Neal


Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a real cotten candy maker, a stocking full of cash, and a lot of books plus a lot of movies, psp game consel with games, teddy bears, purple lava lamp, and a pet girl teacup dog.

Love, Caroline Williams


Dear Santa,

I am looking forward to you coming to my house! And you leving presents at my house.  So happy that you are coming to town!

Santa, I hope you have a good Christmas tell Mrs. Santa Claus that she has a good Christmas!

I want a puppy dog that swims.

Love Ella Peterik


Arthur’s Class–Northeast Elem. (17 letters)


Dear Santa

I have been good to my Dad and my brother and to my grandma.

I want a 12 gauge gun so I can go hunting with my Dad.  I want a dirt bike so I can ride with my brother.  I will leave you milk and cookies.

Love, Kasheen


Dear Santa,

I have been good.  I’ve been woring hard and doing my home work. I help my teacher.

I would like a muffin machine.  I want to make muffins with it. I want a guitr so I can plat it for my Mom. I want some boots to wear in the snow.

I will give you some milk and cookies for a snack.

Love, Brittney


Dear Santa,

I’ve been good in second grade.  I’ve been helping my mom with the trash.  I’ve been working hard.

I want an ipod because mine is cracked.  I want a new pair of shoes that are black and white.  I will leave you milk and cookies.

Love, Aaron


Dear Santa,

I have been good at school and I have been doing my homework.  I have been helping mom.  I have been reading good too.

I would like a snake for Christmas.  My family likes snakes too.  I want a trampoline to jump on it.  I would like an ipod to play games on because I have never had one.

Love, Lexie


Dear Santa,

I have been a good little boy at school and I work hard at school.  I listen to the teacher.  I have been a good boy at home.  I help My mom do the dishes.  After I do the dishes I do the dirty clothes.  I help My mom Clean the house.  After I do all of that I play my game.

I want a bicycle that is green.  I want to ride it around my front yard.  I can play like I am actually working on it.  thak you for the present Santa.  I want a ipad for Christmas and I want to play games on it.  So I can text on it.

Love, Briley


Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl.  I do my math and reading at School and at home.  I’ve done cleaning and I helped my mom clean my bedroom.  I want a dreamlight that shows stars and moons.  I want a santa coloring book with a reaindeer in it.  I want some playdough.  I will layout milk and cookies for you.

Love, Megan


Dear Santa:

I have been a good little girl this year.  I help my mom cook so she don’t have to do all of the work.  I help at school so my teacher don’t have to do all the work.

I want a four wheeler that is pink.  I wan’t a cotten candy maker.  Can I get a i Phone so I can text my friends.

Love, Jareza


Dear Santa,

I have been a great little girl at school.  I will be good for the rest of the day.  School and home I’ll be good for you to Santac Claus.  I wrot be bad I’ll be good.  I want an iPad because I have never had one.  I could play game on it.  I want an iPod.  because I want to play game.  I want an iPhone.  For I can test on it.  I will live cookies and milk for you.  I love you.

Love, Ka’Nyah


Dear Santa,

I have been good.  I behave when I am at school.  I make good grades and listen to my teacher.  May I have zigzags in blue? May I have a dirt bike orange? May I have a playstation 4? Can I have a touch psp?  Can I have a apple ipod?  Can I have a Automatick 22?

Merry Christmas

Love Elijah


Dear Santa

I was good at school and work wery hard.  I am good at my house.  By taking the trash out.  When I have homework I do it now.  I listen to my teacher.  May I have a xbox360 and a four wheeler and a new dump truck and a BB gun and a dsi and a psp!

Love Charlie


Dear Santa,

I have been good this year.  I have washed the clothes and put them up.  I would like 2 lego Halo Kits.  I would like a xbox360.  Would like super scribble knots.  Merry Christmas

Love, Caleb


Dear Santa,

I have been a good little girl This year.  I have been making good Grades and listend to my teacher.  I would like new cow girl boots and a ipad and Money.  Merry Christmas

Love, Paige


Dear Santa,

I’ve been good at school.  I’ve gotten an AB Honor Roll.  I listen to to my teacher.  I share with my friends, May I get xbox live and apare of gray and black Nikes?  Happy Hoidays!

from Sean


Dear Santa,

I have been good this year.  I been good to my mom this year.  I had been good to friends this year.  I help my mom cook.  I did all my homework.  May I have a easey bake oven.  And could make cookies.  and I want it because I can make cookies for my family.  Thank you.

Love Madison


Dear Santa,

I have been a good little girl this year.  I have been good because I help my mom cook.  I help my friends.  I make good grades.  Santa may I have a pair of boots.  May I have a new bike?  Could I a kendal fire?  Could I have a DS?  Merry Christmas Santa

Love, DaJanique


Dear Santa,

I been very good at school.  I make good grades.  I been very good at home by taking the trash out every day Please give me a DS.  It is red.  I want a game too, Pokemon white.  Thank you.

Love, Eric


Dear Santa

May I have these three things strangth, a remote conchroled horse, iphone.

Love Ashtin


Ms. Phelps 2nd Grade–Northeast Elem. (14 letters)


Dear: Santa Claus I for Chritmas I a new ipod and a dog and a cat and a new house and is big.


I wish I had a 3DS and iPad and forgPad and toycar and a dask and playtays and ctmape.

happy Christmas


IPob IPhone


I want a Nerf and a IPod DSi PSP gocart Bebgun a 5 boks of Beb last one car plane

Nike Jonber


Dear Sant Claus can I get a bebe gun for Christmas and a bart bike and 20 packes bebes and can I get the verey verey narf gun for Christmas and a plastanshen 3 and a elf and a foolweeler.

Marcus Clayton


Deer Santa Claus

I wise I want a 3DS for chrismas and a scarey pupet and pupy and thats all


I really want an big ball. I really want big box of crayola. I really want an puppy. I really want an cats. I really want and laptot that is blue. I really want an duck. I really want an elf. I really want and tree.


Dera Santa I rlley want for chriscmas is a 3DS and some games for it. Thank you

From Ella


for Cristmas I want a laptop. I want another Moster high doll. and a DS too. and a 3DS. and a Ipod.

to Santa from Jenny.


der Santa Claus

Wotr proof bots. gocart. neclisis. a cote. playsmashon. cars. swing set. toy erplans. a bior holy cet. a shelf. a drt bick. a bindr. mer pinsels. a bibl. fir wrs. a glob. a fone.


to: Santa Claus

3DS, laptop, ipad, ipod, touch screan, fourweeler, Draculaura Doll.

from: Barbara

I love you


for Cristmas I want a laptop, Jasmin doll, castale, wolf Moster high doll, slippers.

to north pole from. Paris


Dear Santa can I please have an easy bake and shimer please and an PS3 and an mermade and ma mermen a gown a New Barbie house and 14000 Batbies and Boys Thank you Santa



I want a 3DS these is the games I want for my 3DS Lego batman 2, Super Mario brothers 2, Mariokart 7, thats it know more games. Then I want Fire Works for Christmas. I want a Toytrain for Christmas. I want a phone for Christmas. And a ipod for Christmas. And a wii for Christmas. And a 3DSXL for Christmas. And a dirtbik for Christmas. give to Santa Claus And Toyracecars. And a Real puppy.

Xavier Holloway


Crosby 2nd–Northeast Elem. (17 letters)


Dear Santa,

I have an nice and naughty list at home if I get 5 nices then I get Christmas. So far I have 3 nices and no bads. One think I have done nice is folded clothes. Then I put thee piles away. 3rd I helped my Mom make supper. For Chrsimas I want an American girl doll named Carolina thank you.

Love, Jean Grace


Dear Santa,

I have been very good. Because I do things right even if it was too hard. I help other kids. I am a great citizen. I want a real hamster and a baby cat that is real. Have a great year! Have a nice day! You are special. Happy New Year! I love the touys you give me. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

Love, Mary Laura Wilson


Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good. I tried to help people out. I wanted a Barbie for Christmas. I also wanted a DS lite for Christmas. Merry Christmas Santa. You are the best. I love you.

Love, Amari


Dear Santa,

I’d like a Barbie camera and a Barbie Dream house. I want a scooter and bike and some shoes and a DS. Have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Makayla


Dear Santa,

I have been soooooo good. I have washed the dishes. I want stuff for Bella. I want a doll. Merry Christmas Be safe tell your reindeer to be good. I have been a good citizen.

Love, Laura


Dear Santa,

I have been very good today. I always listen to the teacher. I want the remote control Angry bird And remot control shark. For the last thing I want to say is Happy Holidays.

love Antwan


Dear Santa,

I’ve been good in school and at home. I want for Christmas is a truck toy and a toy car. Merry Christmas.

Love, Chris


Dear Santa,

I have been very good because I help my great MeMe. I want a hamster and a Barbie. And Merry Christmas. I love the toys that you give me.

love, Leah Payne


Dear Santa,

I have been good in class and listned to my teacher. I want a Dream light penguin. I want a cash register. I Love you and Merry Christmas to you.

Love Eva


Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good to my freinds. I want a doggy and a doll baby. Have a Merry Christmas Have a happy new year. I love you. I like your red and black suit.

Love, Tahmira


Dear Sant’s

I have been a good girl this year and I want an iPod and I want a goldfish for Chrisitmas. I like your bears. You are nice to use.

Love, Qualiyan


Dear Santa,

I have Been bad I do not need an ipod or Toy home. Do you Think I deserve some thing? yes or no Santa you are good to me. My mom is Lacey my Dad is Pop. Santa you have a white beard and you are fat and funny to me. Some people say you are not real But you mean so much to me Santa.

Love, Faith


Dear Santa,

I listen to my teacher. I want a ball and a play dirtbike I love Santa. You bring us presents.

Love, Dylan


Dear Santa,

I have been good today I made a picture for you and your reindeer. I want a little puppy and a real dog All I want for Christmas is my dad. And I will like to have soms pair of shoes and I Love you Santa and an Ipod MERRY Christmas to you.



Dear Santa,

I was good because I helped my mom and my Dad wash the car and I helped my Friends water the plant for Christmas I want an I-Pod for Chistmas I love you Santa. Marry Chrsitmas Santa. I love Christmas.

Love Klarissa


Dear Santa,

I work, help clean up in the house. And I clean the rooms. I help wash the dishes. I have been good all year. I want a book and an ipod. I Love Santa you are the Best Santa I will always Love you.

Love, Logan


Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. Sometimes I help my brother. I have been a good girl. Sometimes I help my mom and dad. I want a leap frog for Christmas. I want American girl get her ears pierced. And I want some more. I love you so much. You are nice to people. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Love Natalie


SW Snowden (14 letters)


Dear Santa,

I wnt a reial puppy and I a nerf gun and a x box 360 kiret.

Love Johnathan

Dear Santa,

For Chrsitmas this year I would like a laptop an I pad, a Cell phone, baby dolls and a dog in a cage. If you can get this thank you.

love Danielle


Dear Santa,

I would like a X box conet Jeep Diegre with the Key LaLatose Doll psp bsi Lab top and clean up set and a I-PAD and a I-POD and a power scoter and a basket ball set with the gail and a phone frome u.s. cellular and a baby alive when it walks and the twister Oun Game bark the ice instrument and the name of the instrument is a saxophone and traperlewill and a glow pod I love Jacqueline


Dear Santa,

For Chrismas this year I would like a bike and chocolate roses. And a toy and a Justin Beiber doll and a four wheeler and. Bring my mama a specil pressent and a saxophone and a computur candy cane and a teddy bear. And a Ipad or a Iphone and a activity book and a miny car that I can ride in. And Easy bake and Mathcards and a gold 3DS and a pitbull puppy and a Electic Scooter. And pajamas and socks and the polar Express movie

Love, Anija


Dear Santa,

For christmas I would like to have a Mackup-cite and a Julry suat. and i would like a lot off big big stufd buny’s and i would lik a lipfrog and some game’s and some dockder dres up otfits to. and a lot off lolypop’s plese.

Love: Abigail


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a apad and a makeup pad. I want a phone. I want a box of choclate candy I want a dresser. I want a fairy tale book. I want a clock. and I want a barbie House. and a Barbie. I want a reindeer too. Santa I want a dallhouse.  I want in my stocking



Dear Santa,

I would like new games and a scorter/a scatbord/a bike and black ops/xoBox counect/nerf. If you get this I would get you cookies and milk. a pet snake trand.

Love Stephen


Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I would like a Bike. I love you so much and bring me a labtop. Can I see your reindeers? In my dream yummmmmmmoh in a xbox 360 and bring me some paper and some games and some food and some cookes.

from Devin thank you


Dear Santa Claus,

For Chrsitmas this year, I would like a game of headbands and fieber and an Ipad and an Iphone. I want a gold toy and a baby a live and a care bear blanket to sleep with. I want a vampire wig and teeth and a little pet shop house and the moxie girl and the blonde one. I also want a 3DS and I want a new xbox game.

Sincerely, Jayla


Dear Sanata,

For Christmas this year I want a Nintendo 3Ds I want a dirt bike and a XBOX 360 and I would lik a PSP and I would like a chocolate Rose and also a laptop the games that I want for my Nintendo 3Ds Super mario 2 ant also transformers and mario kart for my laptop. I would like to get an pbs kids I want a electric Racing car.

Love Ja’Kari


Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would like to have a bookbag thats victorous, a laptop, and a camera, a phone, a real mini car. I would also like an X-Box, a Jeep, a tat too Box and a pencil Box some pencils togo withit. and a teddy Bear that says I love you santa clause. I whant some jewelry, a makeup box, a great big Doll that sings. I would also like to see Rudolph the red nose reindeer, and choclate Roses.

Love Hailey


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a Doll and a Barbie Doll house because it is cool. I would like the game called head bands and the EZbake oven the new becuase the EZ bake oven I had is not working good. I want the new game called Just Dance 4 on the wii and I want the new game called Monopoly Million iare. and I want the a I pad and Fiber and Peration. Thank you for coming to my house!

Love Makayla

to Santa Claus


Dear Santa,

For Crismas I want a glow pad for my room and I wont a barbie poll and a cat for me so I have a pet and I want a easy bake and can I tell a you a qashten if peple don’t beleve in you well thay stell get gift? and I want a fairy and a nice techer and I want a inotab and I want a leapfrog

love Erin

to Santa Clas


Individual letters (8 letters)


Dear Santa,

I’ve been good in school and at home. What I want for Christmas is TOMS, school pants, North Face jacket, (blue with pink letters if possible), Marker Airbrush, a regular scooter, a robe, gymnastics eqipment like a bar or beam and games for my DS. Santa I hope you and you’r reindeer like the treats we are going to have out for you!

From Sydney Smithwick


Dear Santa,

I have been good. I want an electric scooter, a long skateboard, ds games, tool box, compound bow.

From Braden


Dear Santa,

I am a good little girl. I need to be a little nicer to my Daddy. For Christmas I want: toys, red toys.

From Isabella


Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! My name is Payton Whitely. I am a little older and bigger than last year but my mommy still had to write this not for me. I just wanted to ask you to please be nice to all my friends and also leave a little something for my animal buddies Christmas Eve night. I would like a tricycle, a Barbie Jeep, baby dolls and Cow Tales. A Max and Ruby doll would also be nice! Most of all, Santa, please be careful as you deliver all the holiday gifts. Enjoy your cookies and milk that I leave you and please give the popcorn to Rudolph and the other reindeer.

Love, Payton Whitley


Dear Santa,

I have tried really hard to be a good boy this year. I hope you will bring me some toys I am asking for. A big boy bed, an eisel, a “big truck”, a choo-choo train, some puzzles.

Love, Henley Pake


Dear Santa,

This year, I think I have been a good girl. These are a few things I would like… Baby doll, dump truck, leapPad 2 game. I will be sure to leave your PB&J sandwich and glass of milk out for you. Merry Christmas Santa

Love, Daisy


Dear Santa,

This year I have been a good boy.. This are somethinks I would like for Christmas… DS games, Lego’s, skateboard or a new bike. Oh, and mabe the angury bird starwars game. I will be sure to leve your PB&J sandwich out with a glass of milk. Merry Christmas!

Love, Luke


Dear Santa,

I think I have been good this year. Hope you think so too. I would like to have a meep and Lego sets.

Love, Timothy

P.S. Hope the reindeers are really and write back please.


Eastern Elementary School


Mrs. Cleta/  Mrs. Marie

Prek Class

Dear Santa,

Please bring me Legos for Christmas

Love, Genrry


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a princess doll.

Love, Yamiled


Dear Santa.

Please bring me a new Spiderman bike.  I want two bikes.

Love, Mason


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a motorcycle.

Love, ZyQuan


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a motorcycle and a fireman toy.

Love, ZiYon


Dear Santa,

I love you.  Please bring me a Batman toy.

Love, Evan


Dear Santa.

Please bring me a doll baby.

Love, Paris


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a castle.

Love, Asia


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a X-Box.

Love, Jamonta


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a doll baby.

Love, NaQuashija


Dear Santa,

Please bring me batteries.

Love, Joel


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a Christmas Party.

Love Ashley


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a doll baby.

Love Yasmine


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a bigger bike and my brother wants a bike too.

Love Cassidy


Dear Santa.

I like you as a friend.  Please bring me a power ranger, power ranger sword, laser, and tigerboard.

Love, Rufus “Tripp”


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a race car.

Love, Simeon


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a doll baby



Dear Santa:

This letter is from Mrs. Carraway and Ms. Askew class at of Eastern Elementary of Washington, North Carolina.

Here is a list of things that we would like:

Jalen – DS

Jacob -?

Victor – Helicopter

Calek – Robot

Jaiden – Airplane

Cameron – Skateboard

Jaqueline – Bicycle

Jasmine – Ipod

Drake – Robot

Lilly – Purple Unicorn

Jasmen – DS

Nyjae – Baby

Keradi – Ipad

Quincy – DS

Rakeisha – Vacuum Cleaner




Eastern Elementary

Ms. Price and Ms. Winters



Armani  – Dear Santa, I want Christmas lights and a Christmas tree and I want apples on it.

Destiny – Santa, I like Dream Lights.

Ameer – I want a dirt bike. My brother got a dirt bike.

Jah’naiysia – I want a Barbie house.

ZaMaira – I want a car.

Karyme – I want Lala Lipsy.

Noah – Dear Santa, What I really want for Christmas is a guitar, please. If you come to my house, I will bring you some cookies.

Justin – I want some Thomas (the train) toys.




Bath Elementary

Susan Tankard

Second Grade Class


Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer and the elves doing? I hope your doing okay and getting ready for Christmas  With your cookies I will have a gift for you. For Christmas I would please want monster high dolls, squinkies and zuzupuppies .Thank you for last year’s present.




Dear Santa,

Are your elvs still working?I will leave a carret for the reindeer and a cookie for you.I hope will bring me what I want.May  you please give me Berneys Mounten puppy, a picsure of the tooth fairy and book called Rainbow Magic?




Dear Santa,

How is your elfs I hope your elfs are not sick can you bring me big stuff  like a fourweeler and a Kitten My mom    and I  want anther kitten.      Kit Kat needs a friend  .




Dear Santa,

I Love the ToYS the elfs make they are the BeSt Doyou no noel She is SO funny I think.




Dear Santa,

How are you and your reindeer doing ? Thank you for last years presents. Did like the cookies? Did your reindeer get any ? If they did, did they like them ? I hope you have a long nice list!Can I please have, the movies Spy Kids and Kit Kittredge. I would also like some more clothes for my American Girl Doll.




Dear Santa,

How are you doing?I would likeafour wheeler for christmas. Butrite now. Iam busy learning at  school.I am a good boy most of the time.And Miss.Tankard isgoo d too but Miss. cordan is good too.




Dear Santa,

Are you and your reindeer ready for Christmas? How is Mrs. Clas feeling? Are the elfs almost dun making toys? Can I please have the Jaba’s Palace Lego set? Can I please have the Mulamean Falkaan Lego set?




Dear Santa,

Thankyouforth epresents HaV e a Ho lly jolly christmas. IWant apuppyandakidsfour wheeler .IWantthenewgame call edma ri o gol d Haveamerrychristmas.




Dear Santa,

I love your reindeer and you. Your hat i s awesome. Your  red and white is like the flag. Chrstmas is my favorite holidays. Do you sleep all summer ? I feed your reindeer every Christmas.I saw you feed the reindeer on the web Site.




Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a bunny.Thank you for every Christmas that you delivered presents and for making people happy . I hope you have a happy , happy Christmas!




Dear Santa,

How iS MiSS  Claus doing? How are you doing ? OK  let’s talk about how nice I pretty please want halo 4.




Dear Santa,

I might leve some reindeer food. Thank you for my presin from last year.   can I h ave a Mad magazine ? I know you know that I have more things.




Dear Santa,

Santa How is miss.  Claus doing. How are the eleffs?  How are you doing?  IS eny of the eleffs sick.   I  would like a wii u for Christmas. May I have a Ipod touch. I’d like Some  art stuff too.




Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claws doing?  Do you have ony 12 pointers yet?  When is my elf on the shelf coming? What ore your elfs making for other Kids?   Thank you for last years presentS!  Can I get  a elf for Chrismas? I really want to see the northern lights this year love Landon


Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claws doing?I bave been bad sometimes.I hav a great Thanksgiving.How are the reindeer doing?I will have cookies and milk and carrots for you and the reindeer. I would like it if the elf would bring a friend. Mymom would like that too.Is the elfes coming onSaturday? Here are three things I would like for Christmasis…figit friends, Bligles (if my dad will let me) andsome earrings




Dear Santa,

I ThinK you’re The best guy ever. I hope I gitpreasen I want hunting Boats, crocs, and flip flop’s . You are cool , nice, pretty, and awesome.




Dear Santa,

I want a DS game and a Movie i goodyb on icyey. andI want a book.   Zac wants a car book and a four wheeler 22 Children are in my Class . Please Come see us all.




Dear Santa,

I like your holly jolly redsuit and you Cheery red nose.

How is Rudoff the red nose reinder?

May I please have a XboX 360, wii , Halo 4?




Dear Santa,

Thank you for my ipod and all my presents last year I hope you sleep good. How is Veren doing? I  bet all your elfs are working hard Will you please get me a lap top and the game Monollpy and some other stuff. I hope you deliver all the presents.